Arrow S07 E14

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the most recent episode of Arrow??


just watched it, can’t be sure but I think future-William confirmed who will die in Crisis … :astonished:

also, Diaz can’t be dead, Kirk Acevedo is too good an actor to kill off

Emiko may have been trained by Dante but I think she’ll turn on him in the end

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I missed that confirmation :thinking::thinking: Agreed that would’ve been anticlimactic for Diaz to go out like that lol Yeah I’m sure Emiko will end up being good How about that random tidbit about Diggle be JJ’s “adoptive” father. Super weird!

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I could be wrong, but I think Diaz is truly gone this time. He’s been the villain for a long, long, long time. Time for a new villain!

The standout moment for me was the “adopted” father part. I wonder how that storyline will develop.

Yeah I really don’t get the “adopted father” thing. We have the same actor who played this role previously in a Legends of Tomorrow episode and same name… Yet they had him refer to Diggle as “my adopted father”. And then if you remember another episode, Dinah looked at the kid and was like “Hey, you look just like John”. T_T… This has to be a mistake.

Yeah. And… how is it that no one knew Felicity had a kid? Does this mean she’s leaving? In a few months she’ll be showing which means in a few months no one will have seen her, well, except Auntie Black Siren and Uncle Dig.

just wondering, but maybe future-JJ and Mia are from a parallel earth … similar to Black Siren, aka Laurel from Earth-2, who was ‘adopted’ in a way by Quentin as his own daughter

but if so, that would imply an awful truth about the upcoming Crisis event for the Diggle family and Felicity, especially … an event nine months from now


You just blew my mind :exploding_head:!!! Wow


Boy I must have been tired watching this episode one of my all-time favorite TV series it was Highlander Adrian Paul how did I not recognize Adrian Paul is Dante I am I vacation I need a vacation that I am a


oh, no, E15 blew away my future theory

thought it was Dante who set the fire, but no, Emiko could be beyond redemption

Connor Hawke’s father revealed!

Is there some sort of continuity error going on?

The Legends of Tomorrow episode that took place in Star City 2046 featured Connor Hawke as Green Arrow. I haven’t seen it in a long time, but it seemed like the episode implied that Connor was John Diggle Jr. but he changed his name because he felt like he couldn’t live up to it after he failed to save his dad. At the time Diggle and Lyla had baby Sara, but Flashpoint changed the gender of the baby presumably so JJ would be at the right age for the time period of the Legends episode.

Now last week’s episode of Arrow mention John Diggle was Connor’s adoptive father. This had me puzzled until tonight’s reveal that Connor is really the son of Bronze Tiger.

If this is a different Connor from the Legends episode, why hire the same actor and have the line that he looked like John?

If he is meant to be the same character, then why go through the trouble of erasing baby Sara? They could have just used this adoption story and just have Connor change his name to John Diggle Jr. and revert back to his original name when he feels like he couldn’t live up to John’s legacy. Meanwhile Sara would have been available as a character to use in the flashforward scenes, perhaps following in her mother’s footsteps.

Hopefully these inconsistencies will be resolved in future episodes.


but star city 2046 was before Barry broke time the timeline arrowverse is in now is a broken timeline that Barry created so anything that happened changed when Barry saved his mom so everything that happened doesn’t matter everything is different

It was awful.