ARROW rewatch

Im gonna rewatch arrow again


I’m re-watching S3 right now at the gym (did S1 and S2 a while back) and it holds up.

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I’m on S4 right now and it still has a lot of problems, imo.

Im on ep 5 season 2 i get people hate some stuff about it im one of those who love the action scenes

Season 1 episode 20. Oliver and Tommy’s relationship is even more heartbreaking to me knowing where the story goes.

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Agreed im on ep 2 season 4 now

I’m on s2

I’m gonna rewatch arrow when the last season is over

I rewatch it every summer

Checking back in because I just hit the midpoint of S3 and it continues to be a very solid season. I remember liking it at the time, but fans seemed pretty down on it. Of course, this was coming off the very strong S2 and before we hit the very not strong S4, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who hated S3 when it was airing felt more positively about it now. I’d rank it right on par with S1 – below S2 and S5, but above S4 and S6-7.

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Season 3 the mid season finale was awesome not having Oliver for 3 eps hurt it but i enjoy the action stuff in season 3 and 4 love darhk

I can’t understand why they didn’t have Ollie revived with the Lazarus Pit. He just survived a sword through the chest and a billion foot fall. That’s dumb even by comic book tv show standards. I kind of felt the show was cheating to keep him alive.

Why would Ra’s al Ghul let him in the pit the point was to fight for thea then Tatsu save him with some kind of herbs and spices and then he survived Ra’s blade so the one who survives Ra’s blade would go on to be the next Ra’s

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Why rewatch? After season 1 it was awful. It’s all about Felicity and olicity. Ugh.

Good luck, that show is a drag after season 3.

Season 3 was the wind up of the show being bad, Season 4 was the killing blow. 5 was just a little residual brain activity moving the body towards the end, but then it turns back into a corpse at 6. The show is dead.

Finally finished rewatching season 3 and it really reminded me how much fun Arrow used to be. The last couple of years have been disappointing, but seasons 1-3 (and 5) are really fun. I’m hoping the shortened season and the fact that it’s ending makes for a strong season 8 to go out on.

I honestly never enjoyed the show. I watched the first season as it aired, up until the first hiatus, then stopped because I didn’t find it appealing. When I saw that the first season was on Netflix, I decided to give it a second chance, rewatching it from the beginning, and I still didn’t like it. Then, when season 2 showed up on Netflix, I decided to give it a third chance, but the second season was even worse than the first. I honestly had trouble forcing myself to finish some of the episodes. I stopped watching it after that. The whole crop of CW DC superhero shows, in general, has been disappointing to me.

I watched seasons 4-7 this summer. 4 is probably the worst, but I liked it ok. 5 is my favorite season. 6 is not great at all. 7 is kinda average.

@Electrode232 I think season 4 suffered from an overpowered bad guy and a flashback story that didn’t add much to Oliver’s character. Season 5 did a great job of making the villain’s motivation against Ollie personal (like Slade’s was in season 2), plus it had the added advantage of wrapping up the entire flashback arc.