Arrow Final Season?

The CW’s longest-running DC Comics series, which was renewed for an eighth season back in January, will end after Season 8 airs during the 2019-2020 season. The final season will consist of 10 episodes.

What are your thoughts do you think Oliver will die on the Crossover?


This sucks. It’s easily my favorite of the CW shows. Admittedly the writing hasn’t been as good lately as in its earlier seasons, but I’d hoped it would be around a bit longer. However I’m not surprised. I think the new Batwoman series is partially intended to fill the gritty, intense action void that Arrow fans will surely crave after its departure…

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It’s hard to say whether he’ll die or not. I’d like to keep him around for future crossovers, etc. He does appear to be dead in the current “flash forward” scenes lately. We’ve been faked out before tho.

It seems to be headed towards of Ollie sacrifices himself instead of Barry like in the comic Crisis ending to the series. I could be wrong so we shall see.

Not a big loss for me. I wanted a reboot of it anyway as soon as CW Infinite Crisis was announced

With Arrow officially ending with Crisis were all left to speculate where the characters will end up. Felicity will probably move to the Flash, if Cisco is really leaving. Where do you think the rest of the cast will go???

“Felicity will probably move to the Flash”


Really sad

I’m going to miss it, but if one had to go - Arrow makes the most sense. It has had the most seasons, grown most stagnant, had among the lower ratings and will be replaced by a worthy successor.

The King is dead long live the Queen?

I guess that works better if the King hadn’t been named Queen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will consist of 10 episodes? Well if there was any doubt that Oliver was going to be killed off in Crisis. lol. Given rumors that is not a big surprise but I remember around that time in Smallville Tom Welling kept being rumors to leave and the show end but then would not do it. But if it is only renewed for 10 episodes, it sounds like it is done.

Sad really enjoy this show thought it could of gone on for at least another 5 seasons. Hopefully they won’t kill him off so we can still see The Green Arrow on the crossovers in the future

A heroic sacrifice where he saves the multiverse and all his friends is like the best way Oliver can go out. Even though it will be sad, it would be totally heartfelt and special.

It’s unfortunate, but I’m glad they are removing a show before adding any more new ones. I’m really hoping this frees up Green Arrow to be used in films. Now that we’re getting Black Canary in the Birds of Prey movie, I’d love to see Oliver finally get his due on the big screen!

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I’m not surprised. Once they announced to the world that Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow at the end of Season 6 the writing was on the wall. There’s not much else they can do with the character, especially since he’s still technically a known murderer. Had he never killed then it could have worked with him being outed. But honestly the show has been in decline since Season 4. Season 5 was a bit of an improvement but you could tell that after they were finished telling the flashback stories they were definitely lost in where to go moving forward. But I have no doubt Batwoman will pick up the slack.

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