Arrow ends I wonder if DC universe could get the series

Just a thought maybe with arrow ending in 2019 could we get it on DC universe


I think Warner Bros deal with Netflix has more to do with it’s absence on DCU but I think that deal is going to be finished soon

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Netflix deal ends this spring

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If DC Universe gets Arrow it will only be the reruns. The show as it is will be canceled for good. Some of the characters may pop up on the other shows from time to time but this truly is the end of this particular Arrow series.

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That’s what I mean the reruns

WarnerMedia already announced recently that all DC show’s on CW will go to the WarnerMedia streaming service later this year.

I agree I won’t pay for DC plus Warner media

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I agree, I won’t pay for another service. I’m of the mind set that all DC entertainment properties should be on this service.


That’s a joke if it’s going to a separate streaming service

Whoops, I didn’t see this when I made my thread. (Shrug)