Armie Hammer as Batman?

So, word on the street is that Armie Hammer is in talks to replace Ben Affleck as the DCEU’s Batman. I have no idea whether this is true or not (I’ve heard conflicting stories from multiple sources), but considering all the behind-the-scenes drama regarding the role, it could be legit.
I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the issue. Personally, Armie Hammer is not my first choice for the role: I would have preferred it if Affleck stayed, but if I must choose a replacement, I would’ve gone with Brad Pitt it Casey Affleck (that way, we can still call him Batfleck.) I also had Armie Hammer fan-casted as DCEU’s Hal Jordan. That said, I think Hammer could do a good job in the role. He’s played a similar role (and quite well, I might add) in the criminally underrated “The Lone Ranger.”
Let me know in the comments what y’all think about Hammer taking on the cape and cowl.

He was cast as Batman for George Miller’s never produced Justice League: Mortal in 2007. I’d be fine with him playing Batman.


Armie was already on the precipice of donning the Bat-Suit once upon a time, so it does have a nice feeling of karmic closure to it.

(For those that are unaware, Armie Hammer was cast as Batman in Justice League: Mortal, a George Miller movie that ended up getting scuppered just days before it was scheduled to start production due to the writers’ strike back in 2007 or so.)

As to the veracity of the rumors? Reports make it sound like the director is going for somebody younger, so I’m going to take it all with a grain of salt.

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He is not, and he would be a terrible idea. John Hamm would also be atrocious. Robert Pattinson, though. Brilliant.

John Krasinski’s name has been popping up lately too. And the more I thought about it, the more I like it!

Krasinski has become a pretty good dramatic actor. That could work.

I kind of like the rumor of Robert Pattinson. Twilight aside, he’s been in some interesting movies.

@christowit don’t take that stuff highly addictive you’ll end up living in a van down by the river

Matt Foley would make for an “interesting” neighbor. Not a good interesting either. Nice fella though.

Robert Pattinson would be the worst casting of a character in comic book movie history period

He’s a terrible actor

Not Armie Hammer. I want someone who actually looks and acts similar. Like Ewan McGregor does for Obi-Wan.

I think Robert Pattinson is a very talented actor who could fill those bat boots. Forget about Twilight, he is a real character actor. Check out “Rover.”

I think Hammer could feel those boots too.

He has debunked these allegations as rumors.

Just take comfort in knowing that Pattinson despises Twilight just as much as we do.

I still don’t see him as Batman, though.

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With regards to whomever ends up as legitimate contenders for the role, I just hope it’s not another Leonardo Dicaprio vs Hayden Christensen situation.

Because Episodes II and III would have just been so bad with Leo…

That’s sarcasm BTW. Leo would’ve been a good Anakin.

By sheer coincidence, I actually had Leo fan-casted as Riddler