Arleen Sorkin Tribute Watch Along, Tues. Sept 12, 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST

Right? :purple_heart:




Well, it was fun watching these episodes with you all! Now I’m off to watch Ahsoka before it gets spoiled for me on social media! :sweat_smile:

G’night folks. :smiley:




Sooo beautiful, smart, and funny. :purple_heart:




Sweet dreams peeps! And thank you Ms. Sorkin! :purple_heart:


Welp, this was a wonderful tribute to Harley Quinn Prime- thx again for doing it @Lincolnfan78! :hugs: :purple_heart:

Super duperest big :hugs:'s and :purple_heart:'s to you Queen @Razzzcat Mighty @Mae @Jurisdiction @Chain_Twix @Jay_Kay @Zontar_of_Pellucidar and @Cari_canto! Yay!


Yes it was. Good night everyone!


Ur so squishy :hugs::purple_heart:


An absolute ****load, as Kenner Harley’s asking price is very affordable. Same goes for that figure’s re-issues and her 12-incher as well.

Tell you what: I’ll get you one.

:sparkles: Lady Razzzle-Dazzzle :sparkles: says “Make it two, please.”

What’s that? Two, with one to open and one to keep carded? Well, okay. I have two too, so you should too.

May I…keep the change after the purchase?

I’m in the mood for a Shake and Cake combo o’er at Dini’s Diner and I want to tip well (and then have oodles of sheckles after, natch), so…

Don’t worry, I’ll bring back 1,992 buckos in change for you and your royal coffers, milady. Have no fear and shed no tear, for your Kenner Harley-acquiring guy is here! Dun-duh-duh-duh! :partying_face:


@Vroom :laughing: Yes, you may keep the change! I’ve said for years that you deserve a personal-shopper fee. :green_heart: Thnx buddy -Here ya go!



Well, for friends like you, I wouldn’t think of charging an additional fee, as my services are gratis for VIP clients.

Then again, if the chips are getting doled out willy-nilly, who am I to say “no”? :smile:

BTW, if the lovely lady in that gif digs Gotham-born Kryptonians, please tell her I said “'Sup?” :sunglasses:


Sir @Vroom, your bounty also comes with a fancy horse and a new expertly hand-crafted broad sword :eyes: but if you don’t want what the lady offers, I can respect it. :stuck_out_tongue: :green_heart: Maybe you just let me take you to breakfast instead—French toast? Side of bacon, perhaps? Freshly squeezed orange juice?



:smile: Milady, I doth not protest the horse. May I call him “Samson”, after Phillip’s steed in Sleeping Beauty (i.e. my favorite animated Disney movie)?

The hand-crafted broadsword is also a fine (and most welcome) gift, so thank you, your highness.

Bows politely before the royalty in front of him.

Tell me please, did you craft it yourself?

Picks up the blade and examines it.

It looks like a blade fashioned from your steelworks and thus, is a high-quality blade that I shall place above my mantle with pride and appreciation.

I am absolutely onboard for that and more (and thank you in-advance).

Look at all of that nummers syrup as it lovingly drizzles itself upon that heavenly gold French toast. Mmmm. :drooling_face:

Let’s do this breakfast thing, your highness! :superman_hv_4:


@Vroom Points! :trophy:

That is an excellent name! :face_with_monocle: I have a mighty steed named Gabrielle, and she says yes too. :white_check_mark: Done! Next time we have to go on a harrowing quest, we’ll take them w/ us.

That’s crazy talk. I house a blacksmith on my estate—they did it! :stuck_out_tongue: What’s the point of our pretend-Royal titles, if not to order pretend-servants around? :laughing:

You got it, Clark! :superman: I do love me some french toast. :yum: (Looks for more pics) I want some now. And that bowl of delicious berries in the background. :green_heart:


Verily doth the :sparkles: :fireworks: Lady Razzzle-Dazzzle :fireworks: :sparkles: showcase her generosity with thine presentation of yon trophy.

Indeed. 'Tis a name fit for a quality steed who would carry its caretaker into battle against Maleficent’s hordes and, ultimately, Maleficent herself.

Ah, a fine name, a fine name. Worthy of a royal equestrian and her equally royal caretaker and then some.

D…does she…talk?

Pulls out his copy of The Slacker’s Almanac of Risque Jokes.

If she does, I’ve got some good ones in this baby! They’re funny as-is, so I can only imagine how hard I’d slap my knees when I hear them coming from a horse.

The lady is silent as she looks upon the visitor in her court. While in that state, it becomes ever-noticeable that she’s holding back a laugh, as a smile slowly but surely starts to form.

Come on, you’d laugh if Gabrielle said some of the jokes, zingers, one-liners and what have you in this thing.

Approaches the lady and holds out the book, then points to an underlined passage and says "Now, imagine a horse saying that!

“Gabrielle doesn’t talk.”

If she did, though…

Razzz chuckles, then says “Yes, that would indeed be amusing and bust a gut, I would. I would slap my knees too and most heartily.”

Bingo! :superman_hv_4:

A harrowing quest? Why must it be one of harrow?

Why not a quest of…joy?

Yes, joy.

One where we could ride to a 7-11 and get Slurpees (those who would yell “Hey, get your horses out of the street!” could ram it where yonder sun doth not shine, for :sparkles: royalty :sparkles: is afoot), then noodle about the countryside and finally…we could clip-clop (and without the aid of halved coconuts) our way to Yon Comic Shoppe.

'Twould be a quest of joy and one for the ages! Bully, tally-ho, “Say hello to the 21st century!” and the like! :muscle:t2: :clark_hv_4:

Is your blacksmith named Sword McSwordington?

Mmm, yes.

Have you seen Angelina Everstone IV around, by chance?

She’s Samson’s caretaker and he’s got a knot in his tail that I just can’t undo.

French toast kicks ass, and that’s a fact known throughout your kingdom and beyond.

Likewise. 1 AM French toast is nummers in thou’s tummers.

Gasps with joy, then says “Berries.”

With the permission of nearby royalty, may I please smoosh the berries into the French toast and then schtuff the whole thing in my food hole?

I know, its not the best way to truly savor the flavor of the berries and French toast respectively. However, our pretend servants could always bring us more after The Smooshing™ has occurred.

Finally, we may want to take this elsewhere, as I know neither of us want to upset our royal buddy @Lincolnfan78 by going too OT in his wonderful tribute WAL thread for the ever-wonderful Arleen Sorkin (RIP dear lady).

I know of a direct clearing o’er yonder that is perfect for messaging if its okay with you.

Points to said direct clearing o’er yonder where messages can flow like waterfalls of Le Croix and Dr. Pepper.

What sayeth the lady atop her splendid steed Gabrielle?