Arkham Games: Which is best?

Hi, I just finished Origins, and so I have to know, what do you think is the best Arkham Game? (Mine personally is City. I liked the story the best. I hear Knight is really good, but I don’t have a PS4).

  • Arkham Asylum
  • Arkham City
  • Arkham Origins
  • Arkham Knight

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I am including DLC as part of the game. So, here you go, @arkhamassassin!!


It’s always hard to choose favorites among 4 games that I love so much, but City is still my favorite followed by Knight, Origins and Asylum


I loved origins best for gameplay, but city takes the cake when it comes to best story. I always loved the … well… evertything represented in City. Asylum was a great intro, but I don’t think it rans against the others. I can’t say anything about Knight, because I haven’t been able to play it.

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Yeah, City just did absolutely everything right in my book. Asylum is great for what it was, but the mechanics do feel a little limited against everything the sequels added. Knight would probably be my favorite if not for the Batmobile races and the way they handled the Knight’s reveal, but other than that it was damn near perfect. As soon as you can get your hands on a PS4 or Xbox One, I couldn’t recommend it more

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Eh, I’m waiting for the 5, hoping they adapt Knight.

Well if the rumors about the PS5 having backwards compatibility are right, there probably won’t be a version released specifically for the next-gen consoles. You’d be able to pick up a copy of Knight on PS4 for cheap and be good to go

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I hope that is true!!

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Story-wise, I like Asylum and City about equally, so City’s gameplay probably puts it over the edge as my favorite.

Origins has an OK story but has clunky gameplay. Knight is fun to play but the story is an absolute train wreck.

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The new Batman game is probably not going to a Arkham game

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I dunno. For the 5, rumor is

So, I don’t want to buy Knight. But I wouldn’t doubt there is an Arkham game coming for the ps5. That would be like nintendo not making another mario kart.

I think Arkham city and origins are the best but the batcave and the origins suit wins me over. origins is the best

Awesome topic, @AmberButane2814! I love the Arkham games! It’s hard to beat the original, Arkham Asylum, but for me the best game in the series is Arkham Knight.

Everything we loved about the previous games has been and tightened and perfected - starting the player with a solid Bat-arsenal and skillset. The story has a smooth pace with a steady flow of transitional cutscenes, showcasing excellent characters, fun detective work, and a fuller map to explore. “Be The Batman” is a genius slogan and I really feel the responsibility to save the city throughout.

The intro scene with the Scarecrow sets the tone for a darker, scarier Gotham. I remember how surprising it was to be thrown right into the action!

I loved playing as various Batfamily members but the best part was every confrontation with The Joker, always throwing me off guard and making me question everything I thought I knew.

I’ll admit that the Batmobile missions could be cumbersome, but this is my absolute favorite Batman Arkham game and I think they nailed it!

Bonus points for utilizing the new PS4 controller model to unite the sounds with the television audio! Every gadget and goon came through the device and made the experience that much more immersive!

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