Arkham Games (What Could Have Been Added)

The Arkham Universe has given game players new stories to enjoy and play through. However having played through the games and stories what do you all feel could have been added to add more to the experience in regards to gameplay/story and etc?


Open world with other characters!
I loved the Red Hood DLC in Arkham knight, well actually all the character DLC in Arkham Knight. It would have been so fun if there were more stories in the open world instead of just little missions on 1 map. :harleyquinn_hqas:


I agree more in the open world would have been great.


Being able to go back to the batcave


I wish they hadn’t recycled so many of the side quest’s villains. I’m fine with Riddler in every game, but firefly shouldn’t have been in Arkham Knight and Deathstroke was practically a non-factor in Knight as well. Honestly I just wanted to see a whole new batch of villains and we mostly got the same bunch in City, Origins, and Knight between side quests and DLC barring a few standouts like Prof. Pyg.


I would have liked to play as some of the DLC characters in the free roams.

I would never come back to the DCU community again if it meant free roam in Arkham Knight as Batgirl (Cassandra Wayne) or Azrael/Az-Bats. (I love you guys… But I love Az and Cass more…priorities)

(A little less Riddler trophies in some games wouldn’t have killed anyone. Those took hours.)

More DC characters outside the Batman Universe.