Arkham Games Deadshot

Which one did you guys like better? I’m deciding on playing either arkham origins or city but I want to know which has the better Deadshot

Arkham City is a better game overall, but the Deadshot battle in Arkham Origins is so much better than the one in city. But neither game puts a huge emphasis on him; he only gets a single short sidequest in both


I also agree that City is the better overall game but Deadshot’s boss fight is better in Origins. But he is really more of a small side mission in both.

Arkham Origins had my favorite boss battles in the series. But everything is else is better in Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Small nitpick about Origins: I dont get Arkham Origins using an armored Bat suit when its suppose to be a younger Batman and he has a less armored suit in Asylum and City.

But the whole series is an absolute delight for anyone who is a fan of Batman. The voice-acting is top notch, the graphics are great, the gameplay is great. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were some of my favorite games of the 360/ps3 generation.

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@MajorZuma Less armored suit? Clearly somebody hasn’t played the Wii U version like a real man!

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Haha. Seriously though. The Arkham Origins suit looks signficantly stronger than the Asylum and City suits.

The Arkham Knight suit was great, normally Im not too crazy about Batman costume changes but there was something really satisfying about the first time putting that suit on. A feeling that after 2 games, we earned that new suit. And now we were ready for the final journey. Plus the whole multi-takedown thing was so satisfying after 3(more if you played the Wiiu and portable versions) games without it.

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It’s a shame the Wii U exclusive content for Arkham City has never been rereleased in any of the remastered versions of the game.

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I think Arkham Origins is a lot better than most people give it credit for. It certainly has the best boss fights of the series.