Arkham Asylum's weird and wonderful - Rank the top 5

So Bruce has put away some of Gotham’s weirdest villains over the years. I challenge you all to rank the top 5 worst inmates by order of most evil. - Who gave Batman a run for his money? :slight_smile:




Victor Zsasz (serial killer))
Two face (50/50 shot he’ll do anything)
Joker (it’s Joker)
Killer Croc


Hey I have put some villains in Arkham too. I find others means of disposing some though.

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Joker, Zsasz, Professor Pyg, Killer Croc and Bane are among the most menacing and most evil in my opinion.

Killer Crock


1 - Joker
For obvious reasons.
2 - James Gordon Jr.
This guy is insane. Truly Terrifying.
3 - Zsasz
Boy this guy gives me the creeps. The tally marks just drive his insanity home.
4 - Professor Pyg
Pyg is no doubt a horrifying character.
5 - Mad Hatter
Hatter can be just the most brutal sometimes.


5: Owlman (Crime Syndicate)
He’s Batman, with all the skill and resources that entails… but evil and completely insane. I’m particularly thinking of the version from Justice League Crisis on Two Earths who almost destroyed all of reality just because he was emo about alternate universes.
4: Hush
He murdered his own parents when he was a child and almost destroyed Batman by manipulating his entire rogues gallery in his first outing. He may not be the most violent villain, but as a personal threat, he’s dangerous and particularly scary because he knows who Bruce is.
3: Hugo Strange
Batman’s first true archenemy. Professor Strange invented fear gas before the Scarecrow made it cool, learned Batman’s secret identity, stole Bruce’s life out from under him, nearly sold the secret to Batman’s enemies, faked his own death just to drive Rupert Thorne insane for double-crossing him, and has made countless horrific mutant monsters. He’s an intellectual match for the Dark Knight, but totally amoral.
2: The Joker
The only thing that isn’t obvious about this one is that I’m putting him at #2 instead of #1, but…
1: Ra’s al Ghul
He’s hundreds of years old, he’s the leader of a secret cabal of the world’s greatest assassins (and has been for most of his very long life), and intends to wipe out most of humanity to create his twisted idea of a paradise. He’s a far greater and graver threat than anyone else in Batman’s rogues gallery. Plus, just in terms of being a bad dude, every nasty thing a League of Assassins member is responsible for can be indirectly traced back to Ra’s.