Are You Watching Titans Weekly or planning to Binge?

I watch weekly but I don’t begrudge anyone who is going to binge when this series 1st season is over

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I watch it every Friday before I go to work.

We (my lady and I) watch it every Friday after work, followed by that evenings DCDaily like clockwork. I didn’t expect it, but I’ve found we actually enjoy the wait between episodes. It keeps the excitement building, not to mention with our work schedule, binging doesn’t always work for us time wise.

Not that I’ll be complaining if they change the format in the future, but currently it works perfectly for us!

Weekly. There are signs out there that binging maybe waning.

Weekly. Can’t handle not knowing what’s happening in the DC world!

Weekly. I’m not a fan of binge watching. When I’ve tried it the shows just kind of run together. I like to digest each episode and hopefully discuss it with friends and imagine how it could go next.

I’m watching it weekly. I think the idea is for us to watch weekly and come here to talk about it.


Waiting for the binge . Stop this weekly crap

Definitely weekly. I love having something to look forward to on Friday night and being able to talk about each episode afterwards.

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Definitely weekly… Don’t have the patience to wait so I can bing

weekly but kind of wished I at least considered binging it. I would of maybe waited and binged the first 5 then waited again and binged the last half of the season lol

Weekly. Far better this way if you have large get togethers. Nine of us are watching at my home; family and friends

Weekly viewing is not crap…if you don’t want to watch weekly then stop watching until it’s done. Binge watchers can’t keep their mouths shut and ruin it for everyone else.

Watched Ep #1 just to see what it was all about. But Wife and I will binge the series when they are all available.

Just our preference. We do the same with weekly network shows by recording them on DVR and watching them all at the end of the season.

Nothing wrong with either method.