Are You Liking/Loving/Loathing the New Legion?

Every new version of the Legion brings some tweaks, changes, and reinterpretations. For the most part I’m enjoying the new series. I could do without Bendis’s rambly-talkly style, but I like the new looks and Legionnaires.

Stuff I like:

  • Monster Boy, Gold Lantern, Dr. Fate.
  • Saturn Girl’s new look (Dawnstar, UB, Timberwolf, White Witch also have solid new looks).
  • Computo as a Legionnaire.
  • Chuck Taine as a badass rather than a joke.
  • The overall youth mindset: motivated to create change, push back against the system, naive optimism, overestimate their voice …it all feels very authentic.

Jury’s out:

  • Lightning Lad’s kind of absent.
  • Cosmic Boy’s new personality. He was always kind of milquetoast, but the new version is a little too whiny.
  • New look Matter-eater Lad, Triplicate Girl, Violet…and Ayla (is she a Lightning Twin or Light Lass/Gossamer?)
  • Jon Kent …don’t know the character, really.

Stuff I don’t love:

  • Mon-El as a Kryptonian. It’s especially weird with the UP headquartered on Daxam. Bendis is preoccupied with the Super family.
  • Appearance of Bendis’s lame Superman arch villain Rogol Zaar. Not a fan.
  • Qrot. Okay, okay.
  • Still having mystery Legionnaires 10 issues in. Girl with skull face?
  • Don’t care about the gender swap on Brande (or any race/gender swaps ever), but she vacillates wildly. Maybe it’s some kind of commentary on politicians, generally? It’s a little much.

Would love to see some of those old supporting pieces in the back of the book to introduce the Legionnaires, tour the HQ, explain technology, intro alien cultures, etc.

Overall = good.


Liking? I guess? I don’t love it but it’s fun.

Not a fan of all talk, no action Legion. Guess it’s loathing.

All the characters are stereotypes. No substance.