Are you a die hard Dc fan or just do you like marvel as well?

I’ve always wondered about other peoples choices were on this subject. When i first started reading comics about 15 years ago i started with marvel, because that’s what all my friends read. I read marvel comics for about a year mixed in with a couple of dc comics, i liked the marvel character’s but the storylines were bland to me and i would become disinterested in a series and drop it. A year later i delved into Dc all the way, amd it was like a drug, i was immediately hooked and couldn’t stop reading. Bouncing from storyline to storyline, i caught myself buying new issues to mutliple series every week. The depth and tone of certain writers pulled me in and i never looked back. I haven’t read a marvel comic or bought marvel toys or merchandise in 12 years. Im a complete Dc fan for life now and i love it. Where do you stand on this subject?


I go through phases where I’ll read Marvel or Image, but DC is my forever home.

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I like both

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I’ve never felt, nor understood, the urge to choose.


I am also passionate about Star Wars


Comics–Mainly DC, but I follow a few Marvel books here and there.
Live-action TV–DC
Live-action Movies–Marvel with some DC

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Strictly DC


Personally I am not a fan of marvel (not even gonna bother capitalizing it).
I just like DCs collection of heroes, and I think marvels (again not capitalizing) comics are mediocre.

I prefer the DC universe setting overall, but I love the original/Uncanny X-Men teams, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, and Carol Danvers. I’ve never been all that fond of the Avengers, but I’m okay with the Fantastic Four. I’m currently reading some Daredevil.

And I agree that the storylines are bland

I like both But DC has something special marvel doesn’t


I only actively read DC. I’ve read some Marvel, but I’ve never actively followed it. However, I have a couple friends who are die hard Marvel fans, so I absorb a lot through them (if they have to put up with me excessively talking about DC, then it’s only fair that I listen to their tales of Marvel as well, right?).

I’ve never understood why people care so much. I read DC because that’s what I like, that doesn’t mean I automatically hate anyone who reads something else besides or in addition to DC. They’re different people with different preferences. There is a surprising amount of fans on both sides that don’t understand that.

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@Anonymousbluebeetle Is not capitalizing a company’s name actually supposed to be an insult to them?

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I like both, though I’m much more comfortable with DC. I’m about even on the amount of adaptations I watch, but most of the comics I’ve read have been since I got DCU, and I don’t have Marvel Unlimited yet, so I’ve actually never read a Marvel comic. I like some of the characters, but not as many, and I think the Marvel Universe has some underlying storytelling issues that are more ingrained and harder to avoid than with DC.

It would take a lot of willpower for me to not buy DC comics. I don’t have any for Marvel (had a few single issues of Spider-Man when I was younger, but was not interested at the time), and seeing how movies/shows/video games are based on the comics, from that definition, I would be a diehard DC Comics fan.

I always loved both and i give DC a bit more love just because it doesnt get alot of love like it should yes not all movies came out perfect but it least now there making up for it

Both Marvel Animation to me is the bread and butter.

I like good stories. I follow creators not publishers. I just don’t understand the tribalism. Example, I love George Perez. Loved him on Teen Titans, FF, Avengers, Wonder Woman, JLA, etc. I followed him from Marvel to DC and back to Marvel. I’ve followed Mike Grell and Howard Chaykin from the big two to their independent works.

Maybe I’m just not a “sports” guy. I don’t care about the teams. DC vs. Marvel, really? Do you feel the same way for Paramount vs. Universal vs. Sony vs. WB vs. Disney? How about HBO vs. Showtime vs. Starz vs. Epix? Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon vs. Disney+ vs. Apple? Give me good stories. I love Christopher Nolan and the Batman movies lead me to his other great movies like Inception and The Prestige. I didn’t care for Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies. Every Corporation listed above has produced great genre products: Star Trek, the original Universal Monsters, the Wire, etc.

Just enjoy and stop with the my team’s better than yours.


WB, don’t use any of them, Amazon with possibility for conversion to Disney+.

In all seriousness, I get following creators and I do to some extent, but I moreso follow characters, so it’s a matter of who has a greater concentration of characters I enjoy. That said, Marvel still has a substantial number that I like.

I’ve always been a fan of both. My two favorites being Superman and Spider-Man. In my youth it was mainly Marvel but now as an adult the reverse has happened. I mainly go DC with a little Marvel, Image, and some of the indies on the side.

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