Are we sure it’s DC UNIVERSE, not BATMAN UNIVERSE?

This app is so Batman heavy, it’s hard to take it seriously. He is awesome and I know he’s the money maker, but every single featured character in the encyclopedia section is from the Batman family. It’s a joke.

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Well it’s Batman Day so they’re pushing it hard.

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I guess, but I think they’d have a similar push regardless.

It’s just coming out, if I was making a streaming service and I couldn’t find put everything in at once, I would start with my most popular character.
Also it’s Batman Day, sooo…

That brings up a good point, why can’t they put everything up at first? This has been in the works for over a year. They’ve already got, say, 20 thousand comics digitized and people writing for them that have done extensive work in cataloguing and analyzing these characters for years, like Alan Kistler. They should have been able to hit the ground running.

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I hate to be so negative, but I just know this could be exponentially better. It’s frustrating.

What’s BS is that the some Batman movies are only available until the end of the month (September)

Whoa, really? How do you know? Which ones?

By the Gods… have patience.

Have patience? Yes, that’s fair, but again this app will always be Batman heavy. And the comics will always be purposefully scarce in an attempt to drive additional comic sales. But yes, the encyclopedia will get better. Thank Hera for silver linings, I guess?