Are they removing Animal Man from the service and if so why?

On the comics page there is a section that says ‘Last Chance to Read’ and it contains the first 12 issues of the Grant Morrison run of ‘Animal Man’. Maybe this is a error, but if not I wonder why they would be removing a couple issues. Could it be because it’s under Vertigo, or maybe is it because of the collected edition which came out a while ago which collects the first 12 issues. Also I noticed the rest of the ‘Animal Man’ series after Grant Morrison’s run isn’t on the service. I’m curious on to what’s going on.

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Hi @liamjp30, as announced at WonderCon, we are adding all digitized DC comics up until a year ago. That’s over 20,000 comics! However, with a few small exceptions like Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing, which publishing agreed to allow on our service as it is a reference point for our originals, we will not be carrying any Vertigo titles at this time. As Animal Man is technically a Vertigo comic, this will be removed from the service for now. I hope this answers your question.


@Harleys Puddin Okay, thank you for the clarification!!