Are Kiteman and Cluemaster related?

Hi Alex,
Just wondering - are Arthur Brown (Cluemaster) and Charles Brown (Kiteman, hell yeah!) members of the SAME Brown family? Has this ever been explored in the comics? And if so, that would make Spoiler and Kiteman related too…


Nope! I don’t think anyone’s ever officially made that connection before! But I, uh, kinda buy it? Definitely a missed opportunity. We’ll see if anyone ever picks that up!


Nope, but it’s totally canon now, I’ve decided.


It kind of makes sense. Maybe Charlie wanted in on the family business, and tried to make a super villain that sounded for in his head?

Or maybe he uses it to get underestimated, which shows the intelligence of the Brown family in him.

This is something I want to see in the Harley Quinn animated show

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