Are Harley and Deadshot in a relationship??

I’ve been thinking about this for years now. I thought the relationship introduces between Deadshot and Harley In the first dozen issues of New 52 Suicide Squad was really endearing and refreshing to see play out. The two were bound by unfortunate circumstances (forced to participate in the Suicide Squad with their lives on the line) and frankly I thought the dynamic of their personalities coming together was so interesting. It proposed fascinating questions regarding what it meant to fall in love, and portrayed complex themes of differing romantic chemistry which really impressed me as the dichotomy of their personalities coming together in mutual respect was such a mature story arc to introduce. Eventually I found myself just buying more and more issues of New 52 Suicide Squad just to see how the Will-They-Won’t-They situation played out between Deadshot and Harley. Sadly, this was sort of abandoned at some point in the series and I really haven’t seen it transition into the DC Rebirth, despite maybe a few lines of dialogue between Harley and Deadshot in the new run of Suicide Squad, which kindof made me lose interest in the whole series, as it kind of felt bland after they stopped really focusing on the intricacies of the team dynamic. Do you guys think the whole relationship between the two the early issues were working to establish was interesting and still a possibility or have you noticed it’s been scrapped. Any thoughts overall?

Look, it won’t happen. They’re focusing too much on making Harley a SJW and it’s going to stay that way - It’s a shame how far the character has come from the base concept. Her relationship with Deadshot was only really there since he reminded her of the Joker. There’s a reason she slapped his face onto him.

Do you even call it a relationship?? I called it F.W.B lol. I miss the Harley and Joker stories. Idc how abusive blah blah blah, I’m a 90s animated series kid. Harley and Joker are like PB & J.

I thought the relationship was really endearing. The twos personalities were so different and yet they taught each other how to care for others and not be so self absorbed. It’s a shame their trying to desperately to make Harley Quinn some symbol for women’s rights making her some overly liberal, feminist, lesbian with Poison Ivy for some reason in her standalone comic. What’s so wrong with establishing a traditional relationship between a female and male character? If they wanted to create a lesbian character why morph an already established heroine into one instead of just naturally creating a new lesbian character? That so insulting feminist activists and fans of Harley Quinn in general.

They haven’t been together in awhile. Haey dated Rick Flagg in Rebirth SS for awhile but that’s over now.

In the old Suicide Squad Comics I think it was suggested that Deadshot had an affair with Jewelee of Punch and Jewelee. (Deadshot might’ve even been the father of her baby. Since they opted to pass on Punch and Jewelee for the New52 version of the squad, it’s entirely possible that they chose to stick Harley in Jewelee’s old spot as Deadshot’s silly/crazy sexbuddy.

I whole heartedly think abandoning the relationship writers were building up between the two is a huge loss since Suicide Squad the movie was in so many ways revolving around a similar romance between Deadshot and Harley, so much so that many fans even want to see a sequel to the film or just a Harley/Deadshot spin-off to flesh out the relationship further. You can’t just abandon something like that with no explanation if it clearly had so much impact that it warranted a live action adaptation. It’s sloppy writing.

I haven’t read that run of SS so I can’t really argue the quality of it, but I think at the moment DC is more interested in focusing on Harley with Poison Ivy.

It’s not some new “liberal” agenda nonsense, Harley and poison ivy have always been a thing. It’s been Canon for decades now. Sorry, but she’s been a queer character from the gate, guys.