Are Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League Both Set In The Arkham-verse?

Gotham knights seems to be a sequel to Arkham knight with batman being dead and all, but suicide squad is being made by rocksteady so many(including myself) think that, that game is set in the arkham verse.


I don’t know about Suicide Squad but I’m sure Gotham Knights is. The only thing about Knights that doesn’t make since is that Barbara can walk and be Batgirl when she was paralyzed and Oracle previously. It could be like the New 52 though. No explanation for her magically regaining the ability to walk.

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Hopefully they’ll explain why she can walk.

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WB Montreal confirmed that Gotham Knights is set outside the Arkhamverse, while Sefton Hill, creative director and co-founder of Rocksteady, said at Fandome that Suicide Squad is set in the Arkhamverse


Wait, why is that? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Gotham knights within the arkham verse?

You’d think so, given the apparent connection to Arkham Knight’s ending, but the trailer features a ton of elements that wouldn’t be consistent w/ where the Arkhamverse left off right after Knight: Barbara walking again so quickly, Alfred being alive, Commissioner Gordon’s death, Jason being fully accepted into the Batfam, Tim looking a lot different, Mr. Freeze still as a villain, completely different voice actors, etc.

Plus the game’s creative director made some good points about wanting to be free to create in their own universe instead of having to fit it into an existing continuity. I absolutely love the Arkhamverse (if you couldn’t already tell), but I do get the appeal of not having to be restricted by another universe. This way, Gotham Knights will be free to tell its own story while still taking inspiration from the Arkhamverse


Interesting, although I do wonder who King shark is in the suicide squad game since in assault on arkham king shark was killed.

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Yeah, I have a lot more questions regarding that game’s continuity. It’s possible that Rocksteady isn’t paying attention to any Arkhamverse project they didn’t work on, which would explain why Boomerang and King Shark are alive and why the latter looks completely different, but it still wouldn’t explain Deadshot. Floyd Lawton was white in Arkham City but is now black here, so unless someone else assumed Lawton’s name and the Deadshot mantle, Rocksteady’s got some explaining to do. Unless they make some major changes to the game (which I wouldn’t want to see since this lineup, including Deadshot, looks awesome and it’d be a really bad move to make Deadshot white again after showing him to be black), I feel like maybe they should just walk back on that comment and say the game’s actually set in its own universe


I think when Rocksteady went to Arkham Knight they stopped caring about designs that went with the continuity. Poison Ivy looked to different and Batgirl had an armored suit that looked nice next to Batman’s new costume. However, it should’t have looked like that because Barbara was Batgirl way before Knight. The suit should have been made from the same materials as Bruces’ suit in Asylum/City.

I wouldn’t say either of those designs went against the established continuity. Knight takes place months after City, so it’s completely understandable that Ivy would get a new look in that time. And as far as Batgirl, I can’t say that the material of Batman’s suit would’ve dictated how her costume would look. Maybe she just wanted a more armored outfit at the time

It’s possible she wanted a more armored outfit but would it have have existed? Lucas Fox talked about how the armored suit was a new thing.

I’m sure it was to that advanced extent, but just having an armored suit in general doesn’t seem like it’d be exclusive to Knight’s timeline. I’m sure Babs’ costume didn’t offer as much protection as Bruce’s AK suit did and maybe it was more so meant to just give off that appearance as opposed to actually offering that high level of protection

That’s possible.

As for Poison Ivy she was one of the three villains who i think changed the most. The others being Killer Croc and Scarecrow.

1.Killer Croc is constantly involving so it makes since that he would look even more monstrous in Knight.

2.Scarecrow was mauled by Kroc in Asylum so him being slow and deformed works with the continuity

3.Poison Ivy’s flesh is closer to that of a normal human. Also, her vine like vains are relocated and don’t buldge out as much. I don’t understand this genetic change.

But she’s still a meta, which makes her more superhuman than most main characters in the Arkhamverse. Given her connection to an evolving force, I don’t see how it’s out of the question that she’d undergo some minor changes in appearance over the course of about 9-10 months

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True. Although she didn’t change at all in a five mouth timeframe (I think this long) from Asylum to City

Edit: I just remembered Killer Croc did also not change in this timeframe. Guess they were lazy or wanted continuity in appearance and just decided to reuse models.

That’s a fair point, though I suppose Ivy could’ve also exerted some control over her appearance beyond just her different hairstyle. At the end of the day, the differences in appearances w/ these characters were negligible enough that I didn’t feel they needed to explain it. When it comes to Deadshot and King Shark, though, those are major enough to warrant an explanation


Yeah, I hope they admire that and give us an explanation instead of just ignoring it. Also was Deadshot really white? He looked Latino/Hispanic to me.

True. I guess Deadshot’s skin color was changed due to the live action adaptation even though it should have nothing to do with the video games. As for King Shark, I didn’t like his AOA design but I understand why people would want the new appearance to resemble it.

I don’t think he’s ever been that, but either way, it’s still noticeably different from how he appeared in the latest trailer

I don’t have any inherent problems w/ changing Deadshot’s race. The important thing is that he’s a stone-cold badass w/ a weak spot for his daughter

I only care for the continuity of it.