Are DCU planning a JL Dark show?

So the most recent episode of Doom Patrol introduced the audience to the Acult part of DC. With Swamp thing on the horizon and a sizable portion of the community pushing for a Constantine revival, I think they are testing the water for the more supernatural DC Heros. I can easily see Dead Man, Etrigan, and other majic users being set up in the Louisiana Bayou.

What do you guys think?


If it gets us Zee and John in live action and on a consistent basis, I’m for it. There are alot of magic/occult/sorcery based characters in the DC pantheon that would be great as stars or guest stars on a JLD show.


Yeah, I mean if so then DCU can just take my money now for next year’s membership.

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A JLD show here would be great.


After Episode 4 of DP, I was elated and pissed at the same time… I love the idea of the DC Spooky universe being given a chance… but that lame character of Kipling SHOULD have been John Constantine… It was a huge huge missed opportunity. Considering Constantine came from Swamp THing, it would have been a pitch perfect tie in… But anyway that aside yes. I’d love to see deadman, Zatanna, Etrigan, Phantom Stranger, Dr Fate, and Swamp Thing all together…and hell through in the Spectre as well…


I think the CW might own the rights to that charachter ATM. The CW Seed might have him behind red tape, saying eh we might. I agree it would have been perfect, but it still did its job of exposing the streaming veiwers to the universe. Not everyone watched the Arrowverse shows, so it works as a foot in the door. I don’t think this charachter was canon was he or maybe really obscure?

Kipling is from the Doom Patrol comics so I’m glad they used him. The only reason Kipling was created was because Grant Morrison wasn’t allowed to use Constantine. I’d love a JLD show, but the current run with Wonder Woman is the one I am really enjoying. They probably would not be able to use Wonder Woman in a live action show, so if they made it into an animated property they probably could. It’d be awesome.


Etrigan would look so weird animated like Beast Boy.

What we need is an Etrigan & Constantine spin-off. Or work it out with CW (They are both under Warner Bros umbrella, are they not.) and add Etrigan to CW LoT.

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