Are comics being removed?

When I go to the flash rebirt issues it stares that there are 72 issues in the series, but only the last 25 or so are showing?

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I just checked. They’re all there. You must be experiencing a glitch or something.


I’d recommend using the Master Topics: Submit All Comic Issue Reports HERE! thread in the future for any related issues @Xbones. The @moderators are super responsive and helpful! :grinning: It also helps to see if others are having a similar experience and there is a greater problem to be solved in the DCU.


Here’s the link to the Flash (Rebirth) Series @Xbones.

After you search for the comic, select “See More” to view the entire collection.

Hope this helps! Happy reading! :nerd_face: :books:


On iOS, comics generate in “batches”, and there is an experience for some in which you need to do the following to populate them all:

  1. Enter the series page - See 25 issues.
  2. Click “Back”. Enter the series page again. See 50 issues.

Step/repeat for the next few batches. This is a minor bug we are aware of and are working on, but hopefully this temporary workaround helps :slight_smile:


It was a glitch on my iPad. After I closed the app and brought it back up they were there.

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I tried this but doesn’t work. Can only see 21 issues of Lois Lane

Hey! Can you clarify which Lois Lane series you are referring to? Thanks so much.

If you’re talking about the 50s run, then that’s probably because that’s the amount that are currently digitalized and available in single issues.

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