Are Batman's contingency plans good idea or bad?

Justice Buster, Brother Eye, Tower of Babel, Doom, need I go on?
Is Bruce unnecessarily and dangerously paranoid or safely prepared in a paranoid way?
I will provide a vote but I prefer a reason.

  • Bad idea
  • Good idea
  • It depends ( justification must be provided for this one)

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Sometimes they pay off, sometimes they backfire.

I say it depends. While well intended, you can’t always forsee how your ideas and plans can be altered or manipulated. Someone perhaps more wise than I once told me that all plans fall to opposition. In my eyes, it’s better to not be that fully prepared. It’s not bad to have a plan, but leave gaps. Room for error and correction. Space for deviancy from the plan. And always have a backup plan riddled with just as many holes. And another. But don’t build up this golden idea and hope it never fails. Everything fails


To add on to what ghostzero.gz.19854 said, if Batman is coming up with contingency after contingency, a truly effective one requires a lot of concentration and mentality energy. How would he have time to both execute it and devise numerous other contingencies?

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Don’t ever question Bruce, what he does is for the sake of the world. #cheesy