Are all titles here to stay?

my question is the library going to be available all the time or are the titles going to be swapped out and rotated like such places as Netflix? I think for spending the money we should be able to access our favorite series and any given time. Any thoughts?

They’ve mentioned that there will be no more rotations.

However, things like the Vertigo comics may come and go, as they’re not core DCU titles. For them, it depends on the agreements between DC Comics and DCUniverse.
Right now, Animal-Man is poised to leave at the end of the month to abide by the rules set by DC Comics.
Meanwhile, DC Comics is allowing Doom Patrol (the '87 series that became Vertigo) and Swamp Thing (the '82 series that became Vertigo) to stay for the time being to support the live-action shows.

If it’s not Vertigo and older than a year (and has been digitized) it’ll be here and should not be leaving.


Thanks for answering @LeonardoMyst.


My name’s HubCityQuestion and I’m here to say
Every title in the library is here to stay


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@LeonardoMyst, is there any word on Vertigo titles being added?