So I’m sure that most people would unanimously say that the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Sinestro are the archenemies of Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. But I was wondering which villains are considered as the archenemies for other heroes. Is it Black Manta or Ocean Master for Aquaman? Captain Cold or Professor Zoom for the Flash? Ares or Cheetah for Wonder Woman? And etc.? Thought I’d post this to see the responses and reasons why some characters are chosen over the others.


I guess I like the “mirror reflection” villains

Flash - Reverse Flash
Shazam - Black Adam
Green Arrow - Merlyn
Ambush Bug - Darkseid


ponders what a Dark Multiverse version of Ambush Bug would be like

@biff_pow What do you think?

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Aquaman’s greatest enemies are still William Hanna and Joe Barbera.


@BatJamags Now now, no badmouthing of one of animation’s greatest duos.

Unless you’re going to badmouth their “Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home!” TV series, their Three Stooges cartoons and/or their choice to add laugh tracks to cartoons that were never funny anyway. Then you may badmouth away :wink:

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The Flashes (Barry to some degree but Wally for sure) have always had a grudging respect for most of the Rogues, so Reverse Flash and Zoom definitely get their archenemy slots.

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I usually go with the “opposites” theory but it doesn’t always apply. Bizarro would be Superman’s arch nemesis then, and I think it’s generally thought that Lex Luthor is. You definitely have to take into account the threat level. Joker is Batman’s opposite but is he objectively the most dangerous rogue? I guess it depends on the story too. I also like to look at what drives the villain to be that ever-present thorn in the hero’s side. Some baddies are just super motivated to target that hero in particular, and some are just trying to get on with their villain lives.

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@Vroom i think he’d be a self aware zack snyder character.

@iJest i think a case could be made that lex is his opposite. a human who wants to be a god, vs a god who’s trying to be human.