aquamarine tv series

Just watched the aqua man pilot and loved it and also love the movie.
I wish they would have continued their tv series.

How come they didn’t make more??

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The deal to make WB and UPN into the CW only had room for SMALLVILLE.

The CW was a merger between CBS and the WB.

I liked the pilot. If it had been picked up to series I’d have watched it but probably lost interest as the series wore on if it were to be a monster of the week type deal. That’s interesting for only so long.

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I thought that too, if it looked to be monster of the week not sure it could have kept interest if it was just going to be 22 sea monsters/sea villains a year. But I thought that about meteor freaks in Krypton and as time went on it evolved past that, if Aquaman was picked up and stuck around I am sure it would have done the same thing.

I’m also a fan of the Aquaman TV series. But remember if the show had gone on we more than likely would not of had Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen as Smallville.

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