Just saw Aquaman in theaters. I absolutely loved it!! What did you guys think about it? If you haven’t seen it or you’re not sure about watching it… Trust me it’s amazing!


No spoilers please

Just got back from it too. Hopefully, this is not a spoiler, but do not go in the movie thinking it will be close to any adaption you have seen before.

@KingPhantoms Was there a message at the end thanking Amazon Prime users or something of the sort, or was the end credits just like every other movie?

Hey everyone! We have a dedicated thread here for anyone who wants to discuss Aquaman, spoilers welcome!

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Such a great movie. Absolutely loved everything about it. Had some humor, great action scenes, and visually reminiscent of Avatar. I can’t give this movie enough praise.

It’s not even out yet…

Hopefully going to see it next Friday with some local friends including the biggest Aquaman fan I know.

Fantastic movie! Really great.

There’s a mid-credits screen, but nothing at the very end. That’s my big spoiler

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@harley than l.j s for that as I would have been disappointed waiting to the end.

thanks for that. sorry fat fingers

I loved it too! I would like to see it again in theatre

Seeing it Thursday. Thanks for the heads up about post credit scene

It’s was good!

As in, it told a story faithful to the source material without making a bunch of storytelling errors!

If I had any criticism at all, it was that some of the Storytelling-- especially transitions between scenes, got a little choppy. As a movie though, I’m definitely adding it to my collections when it comes out.

It was bright, funny, endearing, it avoided being “tropy” and it kept the badassery of Aquaman without destroying his character by overdoing it.

So yeah, I liked it. Thanks for getting back into doing great movies again, DC!


It was visually awesome! Well done James Wan! I can’t wait to see more!

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I really enjoyed it. It’s the best DCEU film since Wonder Woman, but it’s much different than that film. I loved how accurate the costumes were and the action was great. The humor was excellent and well. My only gripe: That awful Pitbull song. (I won’t spoil it for anyone).

Agreed best DCEU movie since WW. Movie was spectacular! Seeing a world underwater in that fashion was beautifully done. I saw it for free but I will HAPPILY pay to see it again. How good was Black Manta’s costume tho?

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@kenrayf I totally agree about that Pitfall song. (I bought the soundtrack on iTunes the other day) The Skyler Grey song on the other hand is really great. At first, I thought it was a little soft for Aquaman but after a few listens I really warmed up to it.

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