Aquaman screening

Anyone got the email?

Already got my Amazon Prime tickets though. It’s nice addition to people who people subbed here!


Congrats man! I didn’t have the chance to get them

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Did you get the email from DCU? When did It arrive? I haven’t received any emails from DCU.

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I got the email, but the closest theater is an hour and a half away. The invite was for December 18th, I’ll wait till the 21st and watch it in my hometown.
Still, I really appreciate them offering me passes to an early showing, they definitely didn’t have to. Thanks DC Universe!

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Lucky, very lucky for those who gets it!

oh yeah, wow, nearby, too, the 18th, hmm

yeah I didn’t get an email either.

selective random lootboxes of sorts that give out things like movie screenings are the fastest way to get me to not only unsubscribe, but shit all over the service on as many social media platforms as possible.

this was your freebie dcu, happens again, i wont put up with it twice.

I got the email, but I figured tickets would still need to be purchased. I looked into it, but no showings were available. Hopefully, if it is like a sweepstake, it will go to someone else, otherwise, if there was a way to share the email, I would do so.

@JLWWSM Sorry to not respond in the last post, but it did arrive under the promotion tab through email by DC Universe.


I got the email. When I picked my screening it said the event was full, so I got on the waitlist. Fingers crossed.

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Got the email, but the nearest theater’s two hours away in Boston. I’d rather just wait three more days and go see in the theater I usually go to near my hometown.

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I got the email, with the closest theater about an hour away. I’ve already got my Prime tickets for the 15th (for a theater 10 minutes away), but thanks to DCU in any event. It’s always nice to be considered =)


got my ticket bud i got it from a site called and logged in with my amazon prime got it digital which is sad but still was able to get my ticket and the count down is on

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Lame. It was randomly sent out so lucky you guys. They should send out more. Since from the comments it looks like some can’t make it.

Got my ticket too! Next weekend baby yeah!

@TruthofPisces, are you in Maine? Because I’m about 2 hours from Boston as well.

I got the email, but I’m waitlisted :confused:

Can’t wait for the 15th so stoked. My favorite hero is finally in the spotlight for once.

I got no email. Definitely feel a bit unsatisfied about this…

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Definitely ready to see this in the upcoming weekend! Looks like it would be awesome in 3-D too