Aquaman movie

Went to Target to find a quick movie or whatever, and saw aquaman and picked it up. I watched it, and it was really good! What are your thoughts on it?


Absolutely phenomenal!

I really liked it myself.

Really good balance of action, adventure, and comedy. Really good use of color and cgi, just top notch all around.

I heard a few people say it was like the DC Black Panther but I liked it far more than Marvel’s Black Panther as that one felt like it could had been better.


Beautiful. Loved it from the actors/actresses to the environment and songs.

I really liked it! I thought the Kingdoms all looked cool and felt different. The comics accurate costumes were amazing! I absolutely loved Orm’s cape movements in the water.

I do wish some of the flashbacks were trimmed/cut and some of the joking was a bit much for my taste (e.g. slapping the transmitter out of Mera’s hand, saying he could have peed on the relic). I’d have preferred the time saved by those changes would have allowed more character development/connection for Arthur, Mera, and/or Orm and/or would have streamlined the film.

I’m glad that they focused on Atlantis instead of making Earth the main focus of the movie. Visuals were amazing and the cast was great!


It was long but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. The casting was awesome so many visuals were amazing like the trench and flare scene.