Aquaman movie hype

Quick question for everybody in the DC Universe streaming app how hyped are you for the December release of Aquaman

Pretty hyped. I have faith in this one

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I’m hyped… can’t wait to see what Wan and company are going to do

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I feel like the chaotic volatility that is the DC movie announcements/schedules has nothing to do with making a good product, just execs playing chess with dollar signs. Wan seems to care about the product and stood his ground on what he wants to make. So here is hoping we have another Wonder Woman level movie un-interfered with by WB execs. Looks good. Def going to see it.

Or WB May make Wan incorporate a movie plug email scene last minute and cut 30 minutes of story for more CGI.

I’m excited. As much as people were expecting Flash to steal the movie, I thought Aquaman was the standout character in Justice League. I’m looking forward to seeing him get the spotlight.