Aquaman: King of Atlantis Leaving HBO MAX

I just read that Aquaman: King of Atlantis will be leaving HBO MAX after this month. Thought I would make anyone who hasn’t seen it, or wants to see it one last time aware.

Will be honest, wasn’t too fond of it so will be lying to say I will “miss it”. But I liked having access to such a large DC library so anything leaving is a sign the DC content may not be what it is now much longer.

Sadly WBD is clearly being run by bean counters, and hey business is business. But I don’t think the fan in most people will be happy with all the decisions that leads to.


Meanwhile the site is still missing Smallville.


I don’t think Hulu is going to let it go anytime soon. That would’ve been nice to have it on HBO Max.


I feel like a lot of people aren’t really grasping this concept, so I’m glad you pointed it out. Granted I’m in the camp that did like the show so I’m sad to see it go just for that reason, but regardless of whether you liked it, didn’t like it, didn’t watch, whatever, all these moves just go against the entire point of a streaming service. WB is 1 of the largest entertainment companies in the world, so I can’t possibly imagine cutting the relatively low costs of keeping these titles up would really make such a significant impact in cost where it’s worth it to deprive subscribers of content, especially content that was specifically made for the service


More of an explanation as to why shows like these are being removed. Zaslav literally can’t leave soon enough

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Yep. People are buying the theory when Batgirl was cancelled it was some “integrity for the brand” or “they don’t want crap” (have they SEEN some of the stuff Discovery puts out there… yeah they don’t want crap… sure). But it is clear WBD is run by bean counters and that is where 100% of their decisions are made.

And business is business. But a lot of people in a year are going to be looking at movies based on the bottom line not artistic integrity, creativity, etc. and are going to conveniently forget they were cheering when it started.

Don’t get me wrong… I am not a doom sayer like some. I don’t buy HBO MAX is going to be a tiny blip on a service, that original content will be only cheap non scripted shows, or that Discovery apparently bought Warner Brothers and took on billions in debt just to burn it to the ground in spite out of… something.

But I think people who didn’t like Batgirl was being made and think it is a sign of some great vision for the future that it was cancelled… I don’t think those peoples takes are going to age well.


I want to agree, but the more we hear about news like this, the more I think it’s possible that worst-case scenarios could actually come true, even if they’re still unlikely. It’s just hard to stay optimistic when it seems like every other day brings more bad news, but we’ll see

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Fair point. But the Aquaman Kind of Atlantis doesn’t seem that inconsistent to what we already knew. WBD wants to cut back on kids programming as it apparently, at least they think, isn’t doing well. And they want to cut out some of their originals that are nto doing well so they don’t have to keep paying residuals. Aquaman KOA falls under the first catagory and likely the second as I can’t see it was a mega hit.

Doesn’t mean I agree with any of the above or it is what I would do. But ti doesn’t seem inconsistent with what was said before.

Hollywood Reporter says they are moving forward with a lot of original programming and WBD assures their investors (who legally they at least shouldn’t be lying to) that original programming would continue and that axing the near complete Batgirl and Scoob was a one time thing for the tax write off.

I don’t think good things are happening now or we are better for any of their recent decisions, and am behind anyone ticked off by them. But most of the “the sky is falling” came because New York Post somehow got the news first and wrote an infamatory mean spirited article claiming the movie was some unwatachable dumpster fire not fit to see the light of day, and considering who made it and was in it I have a hard time believing it was some second coming of The Room. Then the “Get woke go broke” crowd dogpiled because it backed their narrative to think the movie got cancelles simply because it was so horrible everyone in test screening ran of shreiking in terror.

The Byond the Trailer came out with insane things like They are going to announce cancelling The Flash at the investor call (even though they don’t usually announce that kind of thing at investor calls). They will drop all scripted shows in development and they fired 70% of the writing team (Discovery denies that and the trades back up they didn’t do that but they DID fire 70 employees from MAX… get could that be where the number 70 came from?).

That HBO would be a cable service only and apparently the only way to watch their shows would be to catch them as they aried and no other way because it’s 1995 again. And that HBO MAX would be a blip in Discovery+_ (which is confirmed not true it is merging not being swallowed up by Discovery+) and they would only make unscripted programming and bury all archival scripted shows whre we could barely find them.

It’s all just such click bait fear mongering and idiot barely reporters delivering insane claims. But because cancelling Batgirl and Scoob was so unprecedented people panicked once an even remotely credible source (I.E. Grace Randoph) started telling them the sky was falling out of nowhere.

Sorry not trying to lecture and I don’t think the bad news is sadly gone. I just think people thinking DC is DONE and Zaslav is going to just kill WB and burn it to the ground out of some agenda that apparently including losing millions seems a bit extreme.


Things are being removed from Discovery+ as well. HOPEFULLY they find their way onto the new merged streaming service next year and all the things that are available on things like Amazon or Apple stay there.

What is really freaking people out is the removal of any video from CN’s youtube for shows like OK KO and Infinity Train as well as music from Youtube Music and Apple Music.

I do think that WBD needs to come out and explain themselves, but in their (small) defense, a lot of these trades are just making stuff up left and right.

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Considering how much of a conservative bias the Post has, this coming as a result of that initial report doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Just the worst kind of people being empowered by 1 of the worst newspapers

Some of the extreme fear-mongering pieces are definitely way too much, but like you said, just the fact that these cancellations are so extreme still casts a shadow over everything that they won’t be able to shake anytime soon

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I for one am very upset! It’s already gone!!! I watched the first two episodes a while back and enjoyed the uniquely quirky animation style. I was saving the third and final episode for a day when I’d be in the right mood. I know these programs move around, but a little more warning would have been nice! Nice way to screw the fans over.


Guess I need to nab the DVD of this while I can. Once again streaming services failures and elimination of media shows why physical media is still a nessecity!

Anywho WBD really messed up by taking so much animated content off their service. I know dozens of people that have already cancled their HBOMAX subscription and I imagine countless more will do the same as more media is purged from the service.

I’d cancel my subscription as well if I could but I share it with my parents and they might not like it if I randomly take a streaming service away from them. :sweat_smile: