Aquaman in the 90s

In the 90s you have a lot of things happen in DC like the Death and Return of Superman, Batman suffer a broken back, Hal Jordan becomes a villian! One big change I didn’t see coming that DC did was change Aquaman looks! As a young teenager I thought he look awesome! He had a long hair with a beard, gone was his orange shirt, green glove and his left hand!!! He had a big hook to replace it and a right shoulder armor. I remember they even made a toy of it. I never read a comic book how it happen, glad DC has it in their comic book library, so I’ll have to read it!
I can’t wait to see the new movie, the special effect look really amazing.
If I had to pick which Aquaman I like the best is the one where he wear a hook. I think he look awesome the way he did. Which Aquaman do you guys like the best? :slight_smile:


I like his classic look the best in most cases. My introduction to him was either the Toy Biz DC Comics Super Heroes Aquaman action figure, his Burger King Super Powers kid’s meal toy or the VHS release of his Filmation show as part of the Super Powers home video collection. I can’t remember which as I experienced all of those things all around the same time.

There’s five action figures of Aquaman in his 90’s look that I know of:
-Kenner Total Justice series one
-repaint of the above figure in Kenner’s JLA line
-9" figure in Hasbro’s JLA line
-a 7:" scale figure by DC Direct in series two of their JLA Classified line
-6" scale figure in Mattel’s DC Universe Signature Collection line

I have the Total Justice figure. He’s fun.


@Reaganfan78 OH you’ve got to look it up…let’s just say…fishes had a good meal…


That Aquaman run was my all-time favorite! I’ve loved Aquaman since watching Superfriends as a kid and I despised all the “hate” he got from, seemingly, everyone. I would always argue with friends “He’s the Fucking KING of the seas! That makes him KING of the World!” But that stupid “he talks to fish” joke wouldn’t go away. ( I was pissed that movie Justice League even address that BS). The art was incredible…( especially loved Calafiore’s filling in then ). Dolphin is supporting character in this run and we also see Deep Blue and Tsunami.
You should buy that entire run. Now that you’ve reminded me of it…I think I read through it again.

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Actually Vroom, the Hasbro large sized figure of 90s Aquaman was a full twelve inches as were the figures of Flash Wally West and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. However, the second selection of large sizes were scaled down to 10" and If I recall correctly, they only included Martian Manhunter and Definitely Electric Superman Blue (Maybe Red as well.) This was actually the version of the character that really made me start paying attention to Aquaman. Not only did he look cool, but he came off as a total badass (particularly during his fights with Namor and Züm of the Hyperclan)

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Hmm, thought they were 9" tall. Thanks for the correction. I don’t have any of the bigger ones. I do know they never made another Superman Red in the line other than the 5" one.

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I have Aquaman hook hand figure. Green Arrow & Roy Harper lose an arm too. Roy’s was taken by Prometheus & I believe Green arrows by Superman in The Dark Knight returns. Don’t quote me on that. I know I read it & saw it in dark knight returns 2 but I think it’s speculation of best guess.

I’ve been with Aquaman a long time. The Silver Age issues #40 -48 is the first time I remember DC running a story line over an 8 issue arc. It’s up here, I believe.
The Peter David run from the 1990s is also a good read.

There’s also a version of Aquaman cutting his arm off in JL animated series episode named the enemy below. Orm has him chained to a rock cliff underwater with his son. Aquaman drops his son then grabs his A shaped belt buckle & cuts off his arm. He swims down & grabs his son just before lava can kill them both.

Brian tong

I read that exact part last night, also brought back memories from a b title right after jaws that made me afraid to swim in non clear water.

I finally got to read the comic, all I have to say is that I feel so sorry for Aquaman, but it did make him look a lot cooler! Wonder if he’ll lose a hand in the new movie? To be honest, I hope not!

I’m currently reading and loving the Peter David 90s Aquaman run. My favorite version, despite having fallen behind, is the Rebirth Aquaman.

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Yes, the ‘94 Aquaman comics were great. So good I read all 75 in 3 days. I haven’t been on the boards. I’m back 3 DC dailys, & 1 Elseworlds b/c I couldn’t stop reading em.


I also like the Peter David run of Aquaman comics.



I’ve been looking for those since u mentioned them on here. Are they on here or are u talking outside this site? I wanna read em now badly.

Or anyone does anyone know what Peter Davis ones he’s referring to & if there on site? I didn’t see them.

David sorry

I think I got it. U meant Atlantis chronicles right? Peter David- wise. I was looking for him under Aquaman or is there some of that too? I’m gonna get to Atlantis Chronicles, that spotlight made me want to reread it. I don’t remember much about it so was due to read it again anyways, I remembered that I definitely liked it tho.

@ChadJ82 Thanks for watching and your support! We wouldn’t be here without you!

The 2011 run is my favorite Aquaman. I have always liked his story though. His relationship with Mera, his awesome adventures, and his personality.