Aquaman home video release dates confirmed!

March 5th for digital and March 26th for physical.

I’m looking forward to buying Aquaman! Are you?


The only movies I still buy are DC. Will get the Blu-Ray digital combo

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I don’t buy movies too often anymore, but I loved Aquaman, so it’s a must.

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whew, can’t wait to see that opening fight again

probably coulda built a small house with what I’ve put down over the years for this superhero blu-ray collection … but worth it

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Can’t wait ! :diamonds::black_joker:


4K please

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@AnimalPerson, likewise. Digital 4K.

Have they announced any special features?

It’ll be a late Birthday present, so it’ll be worth a wait to get on DVD! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Svengoolie, here’s special features info from

Yes I was a little late seeing it but loved it.

The digital edition hits next week! Besides myself, who else is returning to Atlantis next Tuesday?

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Yes, I saw it twice, saw it opening day and the day it closed here at my local theater. which was around Feb 6th.

did not expect to like it as much as I did. sooo much incredible cinematography and color and creative vision and Rupert Gregson-Williams score is perfect, dude created the perfect Aquaman theme. LOVE that movie. gotta have the physical copy tho, im OCD like that