Aquaman good or sucky?

Explain if you think or believe Aquaman is awesome or just a joke.

Aquaman is amazing! Read anything of Geoff Johns or Jeff Parker to really get into him. Rebirth had a bit of a rocky start for me but it gets really good.

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Read the first issue of aquaman new 52, they get it perfect, I would honestly be surprised if you dont like it after that.


“Read the first issue of aquaman new 52, they get it perfect, I would honestly be surprised if you don’t like it after that.”

Me too! That run defines Arthur and Mera for me.

Always liked him and felt he was underrated. He isn’t one of my favorite but hate it when he’s seen as a joke.

Aquaman has always been thought of a Joke thanks to the mainstream media Tv shows like the Big Bang Theory and you tube Aquaman is actually a very interesting character Who is in constant turmoil Super hero/ King of Atlantis

Depends. Would you wanna make a guy mad who can dehydrate your whole body in a single second?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Aquaman. I’m so glad that Geoff Johns got everyone else to see how cool he is, then Jason Mamoa just showed the world that Aquaman is a total badass!

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Aquaman New 52 is really good so far. First time I’ve been all that interested in Aquaman. Unfortunately only the first 3 issues are available here currently, which isn’t even the full Trench story arc.

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Aquaman is awesome. His best incarnation is easily the one from Batman: the Brave and the Bold. It’s OUTRAGEOUS

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New 52 aquaman was badass.

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Aquaman is fine. He was written weird in the Justice League movie. I think the writers think Jason Mamoa is known for being cool & were are trying to play it up/cater to it without realizing he brings cool to the table and they should write compelling intriguing and let him make that cool. With the actor and writing both hamming it up, we were left with King of the Brocean and not a serious hero.

He’s the man (as is Aqualad)! He suffers from his joke of a character on super friends spiraling out of control. But he’s a cool character, a power house, and has some great stories. Hopefully the movie is good and the public finally gives him a chance. If not, at least Aqualad in Young Justice is beloved.

I’ve been reading him off and on for years. Some runs are better than others. But he isn’t on my current pull list. If I find an interesting story, I’ll usually buy the tpb. Just too many great comics and not enough cash in my comics budget to include him as an every issue pull.

But it really is a matter of taste. There is nothing wrong with the character and he has had some great writers and outstanding arcs. He is certainly worth a try if you find the Aquaman concept interesting.

Living under intense water pressure has reinforced his skin to be basically bulletproof, and his muscles strong enough to leap a tall building in a single bound, he’s an expert in polearm combat, and all that is just on land. Add his natural gifts in the water and Aquaman becomes a monster. So no, not sucky at all.

Dan Abnett’s Aquaman Rebirth is amazing, and singlehandedly turned me into a hardcore Aquaman fan. I put the first two “volumes” or whatever (since I can’t afford individual issues as easily, or find time to get them), “The Drowning” and “Black Manta Rising” up there with Killing Joke and Watchmen as some of my favorite comics ever.

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He’s awsome. New 52 and rebirth titles are great. So since 2011 stories are strong.

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I feel like Aquaman would be better as a TV show and not a movie! A tv show gives viewers the chance to see what Atlantis is like: culture, characters, values, etc. A movie can’t do that because they have to get right down to the hero vs villain fight without spending too much time on the plot and setting.

Agree with everyone else here. Aquaman is awesome! I had never read The Atlantis Chronicles until I recently on this service. If you’re into history at all, I recommend it.

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He’s definitely awesome! There’s so much to his character. I would like to see him try to live a dual life. Spend more time on land than sea. So much Atlantis has been played out in my opinion. I want Arthur to explore his human roots. Learn more about the land & build more new supporting characters.