Aquaman Blu Ray/DVD

I know Aquaman has been available for digital download for a little while now, but am I the only one who still likes to wait for the physical copy!? I just like the display value of the case really lol. My plans tonight include watching this cinematic masterpiece again finally!


I waited to get a physical copy Amazon delivered it this morning (4K/Blu Ray)

What I don’t get is why are the DC movies not on here. SS , WW , BvS , JL and Aquaman are all not on here.

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@DCUMCU, plus MoS :+1: also Watchmen :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting for the physical copy too. I mainly only buy DC’s stuff anymore for my collection. Any other movies I just rent once or wait until it’s on Netflix or something.

I pre-ordered it on Amazon and I can’t wait to watch it!

@DCUMCU Those movies aren’t here because they have a licensing agreement with HBO.

Warner Bros. was kind enough to send me a physical copy early, so I’ll be throwing that 4K on tonight! The special features are pretty great too. Can’t wait to revisit this one again.

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Got my 3D copy of Aquaman today exclusive to Best Buy.


Who did the art for the Best Buy Steelbook?

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