Aquaman Amazon Prime tickets

I just ordered my ticket for the advanced showing of Aquaman being held for Amazon Prime members. Anyone else going?


Got mine! Pretty stoked to see this early​:+1:t2::muscle:t2::facepunch:t2:


I can’t get the day off from work. Holidays are the busiest time of year and I kinda need the money T_T


Does ordering through amazon prime enable you to get five free comics? If not, then I am torn between seeing it 5 days early or getting five free comics. Chances are I am not going to see it twice, so purchasing a ticket from both is expensive and redundant.


how did you get them david like do i have to look them up etc…

2 Likes has them. When you pick the Amazon Prime member exclusive showing it will have you log on to your prime account to verify.


thanks for the info david gonna pick up mine tonight

just picked up my ticket for aquaman seen it december 20th hope you enjoy the movie brotha

Got mine. This flick will be so crash :wink:

Anybody know if thethe Amazon Prime includes comics?

I had planned on going with my friends, but not all of them were free that Saturday. Everyone can make it on opening Thursday, so I got our tickets for that night instead. I’m saving money this way so that’s something. LOL

I do not believe that Amazon Prime provides comics, but if you order online and get to the “confirm order” screen, DO NOT purchase until you put in the promo code. If you wait 36 hours, the theater will send you an email with a promo and I believe it still is Gifty50 if you want to bypass a personal email. The code allows the first ticket to be 50%, but you still have to pay 2+ on the same account at full price. A 6.50 ticket is better than a $12 with 5 comics (plus if the movie is really good, I might get the comics).