Aqualad... I'm not impressed

Anyone else get creeper vibes from Garth on this ep of Titans? Like, take no for an answer bud…


There was Anakin level cringe when he hit on Donna.


Man that whole first half of the episode I thought he was creepy and in the back of my mind I was hoping something weird didn’t happen but did that take a 180

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I didn’t like him at first, too frat boyish and that doesn’t jive with how I see Garth. I got used to him by the end of the episode, though.

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Yes! In fact, the whole episode was pretty bad to me. I just don’t care as much for the older Titans as I do for the new Titans. Even Dick and Donna (who are usually pretty solid) were just lame on this episode…


Garth’s interactions with Donna were off-putting to watch. I feel the only way Titans can redeem itself after this episode and the weird portrayal of Garth is to introduce Kaldur as the new Aqualad and have him be more like his young justice or comic counterpart. At some point anyway, doesn’t have to be this season


He was meh

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Garth came off very creepy in the first part of the episode. Finding out they had known each other for longer than just the time he had been with the Titans gave it a little context, but it still just seemed creepy.

That said, Donna is apparently the queen of repression on one hand, and a total emotional train wreck on the other.

Season 1 Donna seemed to have her life together pretty well, but season 2 Donna of ep 3 clearly has not really dealt with any of the stuff that happened in ep 4…

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