April's Community Member of the Month: TheBatgirlOfNML

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Congratulations, @TheBatgirlofNML! Welcome to the CMotM Club!


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Right on and congratulations @TheBatgirlofNML :smiley: :partying_face: It’s great to see you in the spotlight, you deserve it. :grin:


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Congrats @TheBatgirlofNML !!!


I read the only one of your selections that I could (non-ultra) but there all amazing!!!
Congrats & great choices my dear friend!!!


Thank you once for the compliment, and again for all the names you’ve contributed to the middle name list!

(Out of curiosity, which is the only non-ultra?)


I may be in both camps. I find him to be very arrogant and prefer optimistic cheerful hero types. Do we have any Batman stories like that?


Off the top of my head, silver and golden age Batman had a lot of cheerful Batman stories. Pretty much any Batman story from before the late 70s. Things like Batman: Brave and the Bold was pretty cheerful. We appear to have opposing personal tastes, I’ll confess. Batman is essentially a tragic character and so the messages in his comics are more about overcoming difficulty and less about everyday inspiration. Not that it’s not in there but just as a general rule. I’m open to story suggestions.

(Calling @Vroom @DC89 @Detective7 @Jurisdiction who, off the top of my head, seem like the people most likely to know some cheerful Batman stories.)

Below is a long rant:

The arrogant part of Batman is, to me, a very modern and annoying trend. It’s very much not a part of the character I know and love but there are some modern stories where he’s just borderline evil. I think some more modern writers didn’t understand the difference between confidence and arrogance. Batman doesn’t choose not to kill Joker because he’s an arrogant, attention seeking jerk like some modern stories would have us believe. He doesn’t kill Joker because the cca stopped him from killing psychos like he originally did he made a promise that he would only enforce justice, not act as judge, jury, or executioner. Literally the first thing Bruce did when he got back to Gotham was to get help from Alfred, Gordon and Dent. Yeah he was a mysterious loner with a dramatic but he wasn’t thinking he could take down the mafia alone either. There are modern stories where he explicitly states that “only he can protect Gotham, no one else” and that misses the point of the whole character. The point was Batman could be anyone, he could inspire people to protect their own city and be better, inspire criminals to stop before ‘the bat monster’ gets them. I don’t know which idiot they let into publishing and editing that is letting writers put some of this stuff to print but I hope that they have a mildly itchy foot and have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep!

Sorry, I got passionate. This has been really bothering me recently and it seems to be getting worse cough Gotham War cough. Batman has rough edges but a heart of gold.


We see a happier Batman in Batman: Widening Gyre, though the series is still dark. Batman tends to be happier the further you go into his history. Obviously, Batman '66 is always a lighthearted, campy read/watch.


Yay @TheBatgirlofNML! :tada: :tada: :tada: Well deserved honor for you here- fantastic! :purple_heart: :hugs:

Prodigal’s good- great Bruce and Dick father/son moments there. That’s pretty much the only one I can think of tho. Reading much more Nightwing, Outsiders, and Titans these days- it’s been years since I’ve followed any of the Batcentric titles very closely. Might be better to hit up some dedicated batbook readers here for their takes on this. :smiley: :+1:


Thank you!