App on Apple TV?

Is the app working on Apple TV today ? Mine is frozen and not working. Hmmmmmm…


Nope. Not working at all. Keeps crashing or freezing. Very annoying since I can’t watch the new episode of Titans


Yeah, same here. Usually when this happens I delete it and re-download it and this seems to fix it ( because it doesn’t properly update???) not today though.

Same here. Only worked a small percentage of the time since I first signed up.

Just looked here. I thought it was just me. Hope they fix this soon.

Only worked once or twice for me and today 10-26-18 not at all. Just keeps crashing after I open it up.

Same… app on Apple TV doesn’t load an Content and crashes.

Ugh, the Apple TV app is indeed broken. Crashes every time I try to load it.

So…you’re thinking the AppleTV app might be broken?

Having the same issue. Deleting and downloading the app didn’t work this time. Have to use Airplay to watch anything now.


Apparently DC is working on an app update to address this problem.

Agreed with all of this. They need to find a fix for Apple TV ASAP. It has been glitchy from the start but today is ridiculous that it is crashing like this. Love the content just they shouldn’t of launched it until it was ready


It’s not Apple TV, it was the app update. I have manual updates on my Apple TV and I opened the app Friday morning before updating and it was working fine. I check the App Store and saw there was an update, in hopes of them adding continuous playback, I updated the app and now it’s having the same issues all of you are having. Kind of upsetting they haven’t fixed this issue as of yet…


From the start, the AppleTV app has rarely worked as well as the other iOS apps. It’s also never auto updated correctly, I’ve always had to delete and re-download, and re-sign in. Why isn’t this part of the single sign-in feature? There’s reason the app is so poorly rated on the AppleTV App Store.

Add me to the list of this having problems with this.