:00_dc_pride::characters_of_dc: Apollo and Midnighter/ June 2021 :00_dc_pride::characters_of_dc:

No, no! This is where we talk about Doomed, aka the DC You book everybody just loved. :grin:

is reminded of the episode of Married with Children where mall employees swapped stuff at each other’s stores

Welp, I need a new bag of golf clubs. Better get to Gary’s Shoes…

doesn’t really play real golf, but heartily enjoys miniature golf

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Over/under on how many months I can drive this gag into the ground?

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One of my lucky numbers is 4, so…how about 4?

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Wow, based on the comments, I had no clue about this comic. I think one day I saw the cover in the 90’s and thought, “Is this a Batman gone Gay?” Any suggestions on a good read? I am very ignorant on the popularity of the Pride Hero/Villain roster, including who most of them are. Was impressed with CW’s portrayal’s of Mr. Terrific and Captain Cold/the Ray on Planet X.

Well folks here is the first set of questions to kick this month off here at the @CharactersOfDC. These cover the listed issues of The Authority but feel free to continue talking about anything Apollo & Midnighter related.

  1. What did you think of “Brave New World”?

  2. What was your favorite Apollo and Midnighter moment in this story?


It’s as full of excess and unpleasantness as I could possibly want from Mark Millar. And to think: I could’ve wasted my time on a comic that wasn’t full of offensive slurs. :stuck_out_tongue:

(How did Millar get mainstream work, again?)

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That is the problem with those Authority issues isn’t it? On the other hand I think we have an example right here of showing just how far we’ve come from the days when these sorts of slurs happened on the regular. Some of the ones used in these issues were the exact same ones that friends of mine heard constantly at school. :rage:

I’m not saying things like this (and worse) don’t still happen because that would be naive to think but I do know my friends that are gay, lesbian, bi or gender fluid are able to live their lives without issue as they should.

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And here is the question for Week 2: Storm watch @CharactersOfDC.

  1. What did you think of the first N52 meeting between Apollo & Midnighter?
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