Apokolips War **spoilers**

I’m only like 15 mins in and I love it! Anyone else gushing over this addition to the dcu?



Best of all the animated stories

Etrigan I regret nothing. It was fun.


I have so many feelings about this one. Way darker than I thought it was going to be. And etrigan breaks my heart actually they kind of all break my heart.

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Loved it. Lots of emotions. Got teared up on a few occasions. One or two parts dropped my jaw and I felt the intensity of everything because I knew no one was safe. Personally I’ve enjoyed many of the entries in this animated continuity. I look at it as just another adaptation of some of the best available stories the world has to offer, so it never bothers me when something isn’t quite what I hope for personally. May not love all the choices but I respect them. Maybe things will land more completely to my taste next time. Looking forward to the rebirth going forward starting with Superman: Man of Tomorrow.


True true what parts didnt work for you?

For me one bit was King Shark, I’ve only ever seen him in the animated novies/series and a bit in Teen Titans 2016 comic. I’m not sure why they made it so his lines are pretty much “king shark is a shark”…

And why didnt Constatine just grab WW rope before she stabbed Etrigan? Seems like he coulda saved them all a beat down …

Or how easily some of the “suicide squad” went down. I get that it moves the story along but Bane went down real quick along with Manta…

Damian and Raven?? Couldn’t buy in to it.

On the other hand.

I loved depressed Etrigan so much since in the comics Blood and him dont really have a “good” bond. They essentially try to kill each other or keep one or the down like in Demon Knights or Hell is Earth.

I also wasn’t expecting to like Supes (hes too much of a boy scout for my taste) but this tortured version poisoned by kryptonite very bman-esque. (And well the batfam are some of my top favs)

Definitely going to have to have another run through!

Does anyone know if this be avail to watch here?

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Comes on.blu rsy on May 19

Be here 90 days after that

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Welcome to the community!

As @TurokSonOfStone1950 said 90 days after blue ray release.