Anything about today's DC Comics upper management reorg you folks like to share with the class?


Wonder how long it will be until they just eliminate the discussion area

I’m curious if it will affect DCU

DC Universe is not affected.


@foodini, you need a hug tonight. :hugs:


Guess I’m behind…what’s the happs chaps?

Ask Applejack LOL

Thanks Don-El. That’s interesting news. Bummer that Chiarello is out.

This wouldn’t affect DC Universe since it’s part of Warner Brothers Digital Networks and that news effects DC Entertainment.


Forgot to add that since this is reportedly part of restructuring at WB, I can see why people would be understandably concerned about DCU. I’m very glad they’re not affected.

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Well it’s filed under the comic book room

I’m very eager for whatever the announcement here at DC Universe 8s by the end of the month

Hopefully has nothing to do with the trimming of resources these days which is typical anytime there’s a merger between two groups like AT&T and Warner.

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