Anyone watching Gotham?

I just got Hulu, so I started Season 5.

Who else is watching… I’m only on Eps 1 (about to watch Eps 2) but what do you guys think of the season so far?..

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I’m debating whether I should wait out until Season 5 is finished and available on Netflix or if I should just jump right in. I want to be patient and wait till it’s all ready so I can complete Gotham were I started watching it, but at the same time, it’s so tempting…!

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I bought the season pass on itunes but haven’t started watching yet. Maybe later today~

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Okay sure. I’ll start episode 3 tonight, it’s still pretty early in the season, so not a whole lot has happened yet… but it’s pretty good so far, either way.

I caved in. All caught up now. It’s been good so far, but man, craving more!

Say, when do new episodes come to Hulu?


I watch the show religiously. It’s a show I don’t miss anything for.


I believe its the day after they air on tv…I think…

Dude it’s amazing, last night was killer!!


One does not simply watch Gotham …

… Gotham is an experience that must be invited into your mind and soul.


Love , love , love it !! Can’t wait to see how the rest of it goes. Joker and Harley dance scene…amazing! :diamonds::black_joker:


Amazing season so far, can’t wait to see the rest😃

I love the series, but haven’t watched it LIVE in four years, which has now led to some confusion.

Apparently Bruce is now 18, so how did we get a 6-year span of time out of 4 seasons and counting?

Love the show

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I dropped it early in season 2, friends got me back and i caught up late in season 3 been a regular watcher ever since. Want to see how it ends for everyone not Bruce Wayne.