Anyone stop watching the CW shows ?

Flash was the last CW show I decided to give up on (early last season). Should I get back into all the CW shows via Netflix or just concentrate on the new shows via DC Universe? Anyone stop watching the CW shows because the quality dropped?

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Never started watching them. Does that count?

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I stopped watching Arrow after season 4. Stopped watching The Flash after season 3. Never watched Supergirl. The writing and forced relationships in their shows were just a huge turn off for me. They ended up more like a soap-drama than anything.

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I still force myself to watch the flash but dropped all the others.

I honestly lost interest at season 2 of Arrow.
Green Arrow’s so cool in the comics and cartoons but just never felt the same too me on the CW version.
The other shows I didn’t bother with. I never heard great things about him anyway.

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Supergirl was so terrible acting wise by the supporting cast I couldn’t make it past the first season on multiple attempts. Arrow was done to me after season 3. Legends of Tomorrow has a lot of good stuff going on but you can’t do a good time travel show along with a whole team of heroes on a TV budget. Flash is still good to me - I enjoy it mainly cause the cast is fantastic even though the writing quality has come and gone.

I’m thinking of stopping if Flash season 5 is as trash as the last season was. Still love Legends of Tomorrow though! You just have to know what you’re getting into if you want to watch, it’s a lot of goofy tv budget nonsense lol

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Arrow half way through season 3. Flash after season 2. Legends after a couple of episodes. Supergirl after a couple of episodes.

If they were on here I probably would watch them though.

Do you think if one of them gets canceled they will pick it up and continue it here?

I myself got tired of all the Soap Opera stories and PC scripts in the CW series. If I was interested in all the romance drama there are thousands of other shows I can watch. A bit of the romance is ok… It was in the comic books as well, but the moment it becomes the primary story line in an episode, or especially over a story arc, you’ve lost my support.


I have not stopped, but I have been tempted to stop. The only one I’m always thrilled with is Legends because they are so fun, goofy, and entertaining. Also I hate going into the cross-over episode without knowing what’s going on in all of the shows, so that’s usually what prompts me to watch all of them. And then I just keep watching after that.

I’ve watched every episode of every DC CW show and will watch until the series finales of all. But, the weakest show by far is Supergirl. It was actually a better show on CBS than now on the CW.

I want to drop Supergirl but I feel obligated to stick with it

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Actually getting caught up on Season 6 now. I used to think Arrow was the weakest. But now after last season, it’s probably Supergirl.

The shows that are be produced for DC University better be of better quality then the CW network Or this service will fail

I watch them all and at this point my favorite is Legends. Arrow is getting old and has gotten way too dark and serious but I still enjoy it … Flash is still a good show but I enjoy it more the very first season when they were doing “Villain” of the week and to be perfectly honest I enjoyed Arrow more when they were doing that sort of show as well.

Flash season 1 had a big bad for the entire season. But yes, the first season was the best.

For these serialized comic shows, it would be very hard to do “Villain of the weeks” all the time. Because it would put a strain on the writers to keep coming up with new weekly threats from new characters. That’s why I think they stick to season arcs with only an occasional villain of the week.