Anyone see Brightburn yet? Thoughts?

Hearing mixed reviews. Wanna know if anyone seen it yet and what they thought of it.

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I really enjoyed it. It has its weak points, script calls for characters to do stupid things a bit too often to overlook. If you like horror and don’t mind a decent amount gore for a mainstream flick I definitely recommend checking it out. Wish they could have made it longer to flesh out the plot some more but given the small budget they did great.


I like the premise, but I wish DC had actually had a hand in making it. It could’ve been a great origin story for Ultraman and a jumping off point of an Earth 3 series, instead of what felt to me like a bit of a knockoff (especially the news bit at the end).


The superhero thing was more of a secondary aesthetic choice than anything else. That said, it is the scariest movie I’ve seen in years.

Haven’t seen it, but reviewers I respect say it veered off being a character focused horror to simply super-powered slasher film which killed most my interest. Slasher films hold no appeal to me.

Also, I wish they’d kept the trailers ambiguous. I don’t mind strong hints the kid is evil, but showing it definitively left no suspense.

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I liked it. I also would love to see a sequel. I have an idea for a possible sequel. I’m so tempted to try & write a script for it. It would be a different tone. This movie was done as a horror film, the sequel would have to be an action film.


I absolutely love it. I would love for a story like this.

I liked it a lot! A twisted version of “Superboy” is definitely something to be afraid. A cool concept. And it answers those questions fans think of every so often like “what would it really look like if someone was blasted in the face with heat vision?” Lol.

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Was surprised to see it was written and directed by Lex Luthor. Now it all makes sense.


I really liked it but I felt like not making it with DC/Warner and making it a full Ultraman origin story was a missed opportunity. I still hope that if they ever do go the Earth-3 movie route, they make a deal with Sony and the Gunns to retcon it as an Ultraman origin.

My biggest problems with it were that the ways Brandon killed people were excessively gory and messy. Now, I usually have no problem with blood and gore, but when it serves absolutely no purpose other than shock value, it’s pointless. Also, the way the electricity always flickered when Brandon was angry and about to kill someone was stupid and cliche. I feel like things could’ve been scarier if there was no indication something was wrong until suddenly someone gets squashed like a bug at a speed faster than a speeding bullet. I also wish the whole movie was from Brandon’s perspective. A horror movie from the villain’s perspective isn’t done nearly as often as it should be.