Anyone reading the current Green Lantern title

Big GL fan here and I want know what people think of the current series. So far I have been enjoying it, not a fan of the battery being destroyed again. And not a fan of Geoffrey Thorne killing a lot of supporting lanterns we are used to seeing.

But overall I think it’s better than what Grant Morrison was doing but nowhere as good as Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern corps. Also I really wish Hal Jordan would play a big role but I’m understand D.C is trying to make John Stewart a major character. Fingers crossed Bendis decides to use Jordan or some writer takes over him. He’s too big of a character to sit in the sidelines. Justice league last ride showed us Hal Jordan is a major character


I love the new series. Prior to this, I really wasn’t sensing a lot of unity between the different Lantern ideas that have been proliferating around the DCU the last few years, but this series, this storyline, has a role for ALL of them. Hal’s role in this particular storyline is pretty minor, but it definitely defined his absence in regards to their story.

I am particularly impressed with Jo Mullein in this one. It is always interesting to see someone other than a character’s creator use that character and see where they go. The cynical side of me assumed no one would really know what to do with Mullein after her limited series was over, but this series definitively proved those thoughts wrong.

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