Anyone read the question on here?

He became my favorite character on Justice League Unlimited so decided to checkout his comic. Only read part of the first issue from 1986. Any opinions on that series?


I recall reading it when it was released. I liked it. The first couple of issues were a bit “slow paced” but necessary to build the background of the character. Definitely worth a read, IMO.



Don’t go in expecting the same characterization from JLU, but it’s absolutely worth a read. Among the best series I’ve read.

Great series! I can’t wait for Lemire and Cowan’ s series.

What question is that?

Uh… yeah, I mean, one of the greatest runs of all time.

BatJamags don’t worry I know better then to think a character I see on a cartoon/movie/show is going to be like the comics characterization.

From the little I have read of the 1986 series I like it so far.