Anyone read The Batman who laughs: The Grim Kbight #1?

And if so how did you like it. I got it just for the variant cover because of how striking it is.

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They really got to let us edit posts

I enjoyed it.

Will probably read it tomorrow. Looking forward to it, too.

I finally got around to it this morning. Its good, but I’m puzzled by why DC numbered it the way they did. It isn’t really a stand alone book. It us very much the next book after The Batman Who Laughs #3 and us continued in TBWL #4.

So, its good and a worthy read, hut don’t bother if you’re not reading TBWL. And if you are, you must read this one also.

I’ll be reading TBWL in full in trade, but it sounds like The Grim Knight is a bridging device from one half of the BWL to the next.

Is that an accurate assessment?

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I absolutely loved it! So many references to batman lore. Snyder is still one if the best writers for batman

@vroom it’s a necessary read yes but im sure if you skiped it they’ll probably have footnotes in TBWL4


It certainly looks like a bridge from 3 to 4 since we don’t yet know how they plan to handle 4. But to me, it was much more like 3.5 than a true #1.

On limited series, I usually wait until I have the entire series to read them so I had not yet started TBWL. I tried to read Grim Knight as a stand alone. Couldn’t. It didn’t make sense without having read 1-3.

So I broke down and read them first and Grim Knight fit like the #4 it should have been.

My strong recommendation is to read GK as TBWL3.5.

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I forgot to mention, they may include GK in the trade. We’ll have to see.

I imagine GK will be in the BWL trade. It’d be a sensible inclusion.

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I did enjoy the Grim Knight!! Works good with the bmwl storyline, but I think it’s a stretch to say he is the most dangerous Dark Knight out of the dark Knights!!

Just finished it. Yes it is more a continuation than a number 1. Very good book much deeper take than just a ruthless Batman. Hope they do the GK as a series, so many intriguing avenues to pursue.