Anyone Read DCeased Series?

I have the run in my box, but have yet to read it. Anyone read the first DCeased run? I’d like to know your thoughts before diving in myself. I don’t really know the plot or concept of the comics, but I picked them up because I loved the movie poster cover variants and got strong Marvel Zombies vibes from the covers.


I’m waiting to. I’ve heard it’s really good and the covers looks awesome.

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I have it. It was good has some nice turns and some thought provoking moments. I don’t consider it fantastic or a classic, but it was a good run. There is some fantastic art throughout the series.

And it hooked me enough to add Unkillable to my pull list …


I actually just started it a few days ago! Soon to finish, and so far, so good. What @KamAndi80 said. Fantastic art, and a good page turner. Not a classic, but I’d recommend it to fans of the darker/classic horror genre.


Well, these replies made me excited to read the series. I’ll definitely make sure to read them soon. Thanks for the opinions!


Finally read DCeased and the Good Day To Die one shot.
DAMN!! That series is so much fun. Heroes killing heroes. A knock on social media and technology. Characters breaking out of molds. I highly recommend it. I’m holding off on Unkillables until the second issue so I can read them back to back.


I loved how Green Arrow feels insulted because Batman didn’t have a contingency plan against him. Then he kills Aquaman and says f*** Batman. Hilarious.


Well said!

I thought it was A LOT of fun!

From collecting the covers to the absolute brutality I really enjoyed this serries!!! Especially the interaction between Wonder Woman and Cyborg!!!


If you’ve read other Tom Taylor books, this one’s just as good.

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As a fan of horror, I dug the bit of a different take that he took on the “deceased” aspect. Huge plus was that no specific hero was really off limits. The new villains series started off with a bang, I’m curious to see where this one goes, let alone who else might pop up that’s both alive and dead.

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I just got done reading this and LOVED it. This may be my favorite DC Mini-Series of all-time. It was different, unpredictable, BRUTAL, and fantastic. I did not know what would happen from one panel to the next, much less page or issue, and I loved how they involved characters from all over the DC universe - Barda, Blue Beetle, Bunker, Mr. Terrific, Booster Gold and of course all the usual suspects. This was phenomenal and I can’t wait to check out Unkillables, Hope at Worlds End and Dead Planet.

Just read the final issue to dead planet, and givin away NO SPOILERS, I will say that it ends on a positive note. Which seperates it from practically every zombie story ever. And for that reason, it ruled.

It’s awesome! A great way to look at who rises to the occasion, when everything is bleak.

Is this available on here to read or was it just released in stores?

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I love the series! Started collection all the variants. Wish I was buying when they came out to save some $.

The story is great if you ask me and the issues on here are really good. highly recommend if you enjoy horror.

Dceased is available here! Let me know what you think.

Print, in stores. But the first issue’s here, and the digital first series is up, read em all. And kinda off topic, if you’re diggin this book, check out the new suicide squad by tom taylor. Reealllly cool.

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I really hate the overwhelming amount of Zombie stories out there. I avoided reading DCeased for the longest time. In this Pandemic you eventually have to surrender to reading something you know you will not enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised that DCeased is not your typical Zombie story! I actually enjoyed it! I want a Tree Lobster shirt! I want to hear Creeper sing Rock (Tree) Lobster!