Anyone know why new Seasons and episodes of DC TV shows are not getting added on Amazon Prime Videos anymore?

Anyone know why new Seasons and episodes of Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Krypton, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl are not getting added on Amazon Prime Videos this year?

I just to watch this shows last year with new seasons and episodes. But now it’s not getting anything new.

not sure bud if anything id assume netflix gets them first sorry i couldnt be much help but thats just my thought

I’ve noticed that too, but unsure why

I just noticed this as well. Must be a licensing agreement or something. Are they available on iTunes? Haven’t checked that yet. It would suck if you had to wait to purchase the episodes digitally. I’m assuming WB/DC has plan though.

They are still available on iTunes. Must be a licensing agreement with Amazon.

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Just a wild guess, but maybe they’re going to start selling those shows here on the DCU App.

I think Warner is pulling shows from other streaming services so that they can eventually be exclusive to their own serves ( here and the WB app).

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BTAS isn’t available on Amazon ATM nor are well known movies like Batman Forever. Either it’s a licensing dispute (Amazon and Disney have had them before) or its due to some other factor.

The WB service doesn’t launch for a while so denying revenue to the currently unavailable titles on Amazon by pulling them this early seems a bit strange. If the WB service was a couple months away and in an open to the public beta mode then as Max Shreck said “Okay, sure.” but this far out would be a bit odd.

Lois sez “Who knows?”


It’s just an Amazon thing. No issues with them on iTunes,Google or Vudu.

I think you are looking at the reason right now.

Contracts for the CW shows are set to expire this spring. Maybe Amazon’s expired early. I know for certain that Krypton will be on this service soon. Gotham is still up in the air.

It does seem weird you can’t order them on Amazon. Even the WB service when it launches doesn’t seem like it will have the latest episodes, so seems weird to cut off the revenue. but at the same time they are on the verge of launching competition for Amazon, it’s possible the deal expired and Amazon basically said they were not going to agree to a short term deal and took them down. Is weird though.

Maybe it’s like Disney pulling their shows from Netflix. Maybe Warner Bros is pulling their DC shows from other streaming services.

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At this rate, TV is going to get even more expensive to watch, or people are going to have to be far more selective about what content they are willing to pay for.

Cable services may have to start catering to services more, rather than providing channel lineups.

For the wealthy, this is not going to be a problem. For the working class, this is going to bite some, or a lot. For the poor, they are going to get even more locked out of good programming.

Just how it looks to be going right now.


It’s not just the CW shows, a lot of the DC content is no longer available on Amazon. Hopefully they will get the issues resolved soon.

I sure hope they put all of the old DC comic shows on here
That would be great. It would stink to no longer have access to that content.

WB is working on a streaming service people.

Did a quick check, it’s a lot of Warner Bros. content that’s not available.