Anyone know when more of Doomsday Clock will be added on here?

I’d been wanting to read the Doomsday Clock maxi series ever since I heard about it, and I just got the chance to read the first four issues on here. But I really want to see what happens next. Anyone know when the other issues were added or how long after an issues release it gets added to the DCU app?

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It is a year off the publication date, so you will need to see when each issue was published. Whenever each was published is when they will come to the service. I heavily mention look at that date for this particular series given that it has faced many delays. I hope that helps you out. It could be awhile before you can read the completed run on here.


Oh ok that makes sense! Well thanks for clearing that up for me. Google was no help on the matter, so I’m glad to finally learn the method to the madness

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