Anyone Interested in Reading Infinite Crisis Together?

So I am starting to read infinite crisis starting with the countdown to infinite crisis followed by infinite crisis. I have plenty of time being furloughed from work so I figured I would ask the community if there was anyone else in reading this together, having a group discussion.

The countdown to infinite crisis is 250 issues if you include every single issue and tie in and the actual infinite crisis storyline is 98 issues including tie ins.

You don’t have to read every issue and it’s not going to be important to read every single tie in, that is unless you want to.

You can decide what you want to read.

It would last a month.

Because it’s such a huge story arc I figured it would be nice to discuss it each other.

Some people have more knowledge and experience on certain characters and series and will ultimately help everyone enjoy the story more.

If you’re interested just let me know and if we can get enough people we will go through with it.

If not at least I tried.


I’m trying to read it all, but getting together all of the 250 precursors is hard. Like seriously, why haven’t they made an event playlist for this?!?

I didn’t even realize before I posted that that Adventures of Superman #633-#636 just straight up aren’t on the service, so we’re missing four issues too.

Is that on the infinite crisis omnibus? If I remember correctly for some reason some important Superman issues are in the omnibus and trade tie ins but not on here.

You can go to comic book reading orders website and see every issue to read in the road to infinite crisis and infinite crisis. Some of those issues aren’t really required reading though. Like batgirl, birds of prey, firestorm and breach aren’t important at all.